Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge


Unless you’re on Spring Break, you might be getting ready to take on another typical weekend. Or, are you? Head on over the bridge to experience the beginnings of March Madness with a taste of visual art, live music, and comedy.

Saturday Stroll Art Walk at Oakland Art Murmur Galleries—So, the hustle-and-bustle of the Art Murmur’s First Friday events isn’t your idea of a good time? Take advantage of a more intimate, relaxing approach this weekend as the galleries begin extending their hours to include Saturday afternoons for the low-key art enthusiasts.

'Women are Perfect' Art Exhibit & Live Performance at La Peña Cultural Center—Celebrate Women’s History Month by taking a peak at the Jessica Sabogal Art Exhibit. Also, enjoy a live performance by AJAYU, a seven-member band that uses eclectic tunes to raise the cultural consciousness of their audience.

Royal Comedy Tour at the Paramount—Carry some Kleenex with you before heading to the East Bay this time around. Chances are you’ll need it to get through a few hours of laughs during the Royal Comedy Tour at Paramount Theatre. A little advice here: Don’t sit near the front of the stage if you’re not prepared to be part of the joke.

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