You know it doesn’t get any better than this. Springtime’s in full effect with new beginnings, enticing weather, and a fond farewell to the nine-to-five's routine hustle ‘n bustle. Long live another weekend to explore the East Bay and all that it has to offer.  

Girl Rising Documentary Narrated by some of today’s most influential voices, this must-see lets audiences into the lives of nine girls across the globe and illuminates their thirst for education. If you missed the early bird screenings, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Brass ‘n Grass Celebration Go ahead and admit to inhaling one of Oakland’s most celebrated musical acts, the East Bay Brass Band, at Café Van Kleef this Saturday right in the middle of–*drum roll*–Oaksterdam. Let the music take you to another consciousness: One that’ll make you wish you never had to come down.

Supper and Song The Sound Room’s offering a flavorful evening of jazz, grub, and cocktails to help you unwind before treading into the next week. Party up and be good to yourself before the sobering thought of Monday morning settles in.