Three Reasons to Cross the Bay Bridge


It's back to basics this weekend, so if you're into kites, wine, and/or drive-in movies, you've come to the right spot. The East Bay promises to deliver some classic bouts of adventure that'll make you put the remote control, iPad, cell phone, and all other kinds of addictive devices that define this age, to the side....if only for a few moments.

2013 Berkeley Kite Festival Ever flown or seen a kite as big as a house and longer than a train? If not, you're bound to be in for a big surprise at this Saturday's Berkeley Kite Festival. The event will feature the world's largest octopus kite, several special guests that are kite-flying experts, as well as free kite-making and kite-flying lessons. In addition, there'll be food, music, crafts booths, and all-day parking at the Marina with free shuttle service to the festival. Don't miss out!

Urban Wine eXperience The East Bay's Vintner's Alliance hosts the Urban Wine eXperience in Oakland's famous Jack London Square district. Several wineries have teamed up with a local restaurant to present a wide array of whites, rosés, and reds. Aspiring and seasoned wine experts are encouraged to attend and sample drinks from the beautifully adorned wine portfolio. As always, drink responsibly.

19th Annual Brainwash Drive-In Movie Festival So, it’s no secret that they don’t make movie theatres like they used to. If you want to a mix between back-in-the-day motion picture experience and highly eclectic presentations that are revolutionizing the film industry around the world, come to the 19th Annual Brainwash Drive-In Movie Festival. Besides artistic movies, the outing will include FM stereo transmission for sound, engaging MC hosts, and numerous food vendors.

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