Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge


Head over the Golden Gate Bridge and you are immediately out of the hustle and bustle of the city. With hundreds of miles of beautiful hikes, fun festivals, and good food, it's the perfect place to recharge your batteries. These are three of our favorite reasons to head north this weekend.

Visit the 35th annual Fairfax Festival and Ecofest, June 9-10
This weekend is the 35th annual Fairfax Festival. Run entirely by volunteers this free festival is a celebration of community and everything that is good about life in this quirky town. The festival opens on Friday night with a movie night in the park before kicking off for real on Saturday with an entertaining parade at 10am.There will be an eclectic mix of music on display across three stages from local and foreign acts, with genres ranging from traditional Irish music to shamanic folk rock. The stalls in Bolinas Park will be selling crafts, while Peri Park will host a flea market. It wouldn't be a festival without fresh, wholesome food and local organic beers and wines (of which there are many!). The newly expanded Ecofest, which runs as part of the Fairfax Festival, allows visitors to ponder social and environmental issues while enjoying a range of healthy, organic treats.

Fairfax Fun Fact: In the mid-1960s, a softball game between Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead took place at the Fairfax Central Field.

Grab some food and get down to some gypsy-jazz at the Sweetwater Music Hall, June 9-10
Opened in late January the Sweetwater Music Hall is a state-of-the-art nightclub and café that provides a venue for local and emerging talent to perform, while at the same time playing host to a range of international acts. It also has a fantastic cafe that serves affordable organic and in-season produce. Their food is a unique take on Californian cuisine, with bright flavors drawn from many different ethnicities. There are also a huge array of beers on tap with many local breweries represented. This weekend the gypsy-jazz festival, Django Fest is coming to Mill Valley with the Sweetwater hosting a number of shows. Internationally acclaimed four piece, the Gonzalo Bergara Quartet are headlining what promises to be a weekend of sizzling musical virtuosity at the Sweetwater.

Undertake the Point Reyes Trail Challenge
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Point Reyes National Seashore by taking part in inaugural Point Reyes Trails Challenge, a self-paced exploration of the incredible park. For the upcoming summer, those who complete one of five challenges will be awarded a pin with the elk-based logo for the Point Reyes National Seashore Association. Registration is free, but as the aim is to raise money to fund future trail projects donations are always accepted. Anyone who gives more than $50 gets a free t-shirt and other goodies. The challenges are all exceptionally doable and range from hiking the entire 150 Miles of trails in the park, to hiking 20 miles together as a family in the park. If you are not so keen on walking there is also an equestrian challenge. The weather is tipped to be sunny this weekend, so pack your picnic basket and head out into the wilderness.

What are you doing across the bridge this weekend?

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