Tia Harrison Is Obsessed With French-Dip Sandwiches


Tia Harrison’s got a full plate. Given that she’s co-owner of Avedano’s market in Bernal Heights, executive chef and co-owner of Sociale, and the owner of a chocolate-chip-cookie business on the side, relaxing is not exactly part of her repertoire. But in her limited down time, Harrison hunts for the ultimate French-dip sandwich.

“I’m not one to eat at diners often, but when I do, if there’s a French dip on the menu, I’m ordering it. It’s all about a soft roll—it should be grilled so it’s crisp, and the roast beef needs to be medium-rare, served with the just. I make it my own, though—I guess that’s the chef in me. I add lettuce, tomato, mayo and salt. Houston’s is where I’ve found my favorite French dip so far. Theirs is nice and juicy—not dried out. I really love heat, so when I go to Mel’s, sometimes I get the New Orleans-style dip, with horseradish aïoli and Tabasco, which has a great kick to it, but I still get my plate of fixings on the side, of course. You know, I think I’m going to put a French dip on the lunch menu at Sociale.”

Houston’s Restaurant, 1800 Montgomery St., 415-392-9280
Mel’s Drive-In, 3355 Geary Blvc., 415-387-2244

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