We did not have a “best of/worst of” roundup on the Greenopia website, but the oil spill near Ocean Beach would have made the “worst” and the Kill the Spill effort would certainly have been on the “best.” The volunteers who rallied to clean the coastline were definitely an inspiration. Officials who seemed slow to respond and clean the mess had frustrated many Bay Area residents. How great that this civilian crew was able to mobilize with their blog and take charge to get things done.

As a surfer, I believe that keeping the water and beaches clean is a cause that’s near and dear to me. So I do what I can by volunteering for beach clean-ups and renewing my Surfrider membership this time every year (check out the local chapter). There’s a good chance that you’ve received something in the mail recently from an organization seeking support. There are so many people out there fighting the good fight, and I can vouch for the fact that it feels good to help.

Check out the list of environmental groups in the Bay Area here.