Celebrate the festive winter season with live reindeer, indoor snow flurries, and a giant Snowman Theater—all part of the California Academy of Sciences annual holiday exhibit!

’Tis the Season for Science returns for a fourth year, the program celebrates reindeer and their unique adaptations.

Made famous through countless fairytale depictions, these animals are no less remarkable in reality. From their powerful, resilient feet and fast-growing antlers to their ultraviolet vision and marvelous migratory exploits, find out just how perfectly adapted these creatures are to environments most of us consider uninhabitable.

At the Interactive Reindeer Discovery, learn about amazing adaptations that enable reindeer to survive and thrive in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. Then step inside the giant Snowman Theater for our planetarium show Roaming with Reindeer which explores what life on the Arctic tundra is like for these magnificent Nomads of the North. Meet five-year-old reindeer Willow and Yukon (who just grew a new set of antlers!). A variety of special programs will also take place during the holiday season, check the website for all of the dates and details. 

’Tis the Season for Science runs November 27 - January 5.