photography by Vasna Wilson for Drew Altizer

Best-selling author Tom Dolby had a reception and book signing for his new boarding school novel The Sixth Form at the Opera Plaza's Books, Inc.

Tom Dolby_Tom Kelley Drew Frist_Marilyn Jaeger Ellen Newman_Dagmar Dolby
Tom Dolby, Tom Kelley                Drew Frist, Marilyn Jaeger         Ellen Newman, Dagmar Dolby

Natasha Desterro_David Dolby Tom Dolby Marissa Shipman_Liam Mayclem
Natasha Desterro, David Dolby                Tom Dolby                   Marissa Shipman, Liam Mayclem

Dagmar D., Lee Schwartz, Merla Zellerbach, Madeline Levine

Dagmar Dolby_Lee Schwartz_Merla Zellerbach_Madeline Levine
Tom D., Drew F., Natasha D., Dave D.