Top 7 A+E Picks

Elliot Smith
Elliott Smith; courtesy of Autumn de Wilde

Here are 7 not-to-miss A+E happenings this week.

1. David Spade at Cobb's Comedy Club on Tuesday, February 26
Saturday Night Live and Just Shoot Me alum David Spade brings his sarcastic sense of humor to SF.

2. Huun Huur Tu (Throat Singers of Tuva) at Great American Music Hall on Tuesday, February 26
At this seated show whistling and throat-singing will be used to create textured landscapes of sound.

3. "Sights and Sounds" at Park Life on Wednesday, February 27
Check out the opening night of "Sights and Sounds," a collection of work from artists as varied as Yoko Ono, Wesley Willis and a slew of Daytrotter illustrators.

4. "Pictures Of Me: Rare Photographs Of Elliott Smith" at Queen's Nail Annex
On Friday, February 29 photographer Autumn de Wilde shows rare and unseen photos of singer/songwriter Elliott Smith as a part of the Noise Pop Festival.

5. "Bring Your Own Art (Show) 2" at the Rock Paper Scissors Collective on Friday, February 29
Artists, musicians, poets and performers are encouraged to bring (and even create) work to the second annual BYOA Show in Oakland.

6. B.J. Novak at Cobb's Comedy Club on Saturday, March 1 and Sunday, March 2
The writer/co-producer/comedian B.J. Novak might be best-known for his work as "Ryan," the promoted temp on The Office, but mustn't be forgotten for bringing Hilary Duff to tears as a faux driving instructor on Punk'd.

7. David Mamet's Boston Marriage at Theatre Rhinoceros
This is the last week to see director John Fisher take on the Mamet's 1999 lesbian comedy.
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