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Jens Lekman
courtesy of Jens Lekman

Here’s 7 not-to-miss A+E happenings this week.

1.  Scott Helm at Books Inc. on Tuesday, March 17
Novelist Scott Helm reads from his haunting new novel We Disappear tonight at Books Inc. in the Castro.

2.  Tribute to Gene Wilder on Wednesday, March 19
The Castro Theatre hosts this tribute to quirky funnyman and Mel Brooks collaborator, which features a screening of Young Frankenstein followed by a Q&A with Wilder himself.

3. The Unforeseen at the Lumiere
Not just another enviro-doc, Laura Dunn's the Unforeseen portrays an engrossing cinematic account of the environmental struggle to preserve Austin Springs as waged by some dedicated Texans (joined by Robert Redford). Catch it now at the Lumiere—here for one week only.

4. "Winchester Redux" at Catharine Clark Gallery
Now on view in the projection room of this SoMa gallery, "Winchester Redux" (an abridged version of the Winchester Trilogy by the brilliant, late artist Jeremy Blake) examines the madness at the heart of the architecture of the San Jose Winchester Mystery House by combining 8mm film footage, static 16mm shots of old photographs, ink drawings, and frame by frame retouching to create the artist’s trademark “moving paintings.”

5.  The Trews at the Grand Ballroom on Friday, March 21
These Canadian hard-rockers bring their Led Zeppelin-meets-Guns n' Roses sound to SF supporting ex-Kiss member Ace Frehley.

6.  Tragedy: A Tragedy at the Berkeley Rep
 Let's say the sun set and, oh I don't know, didn't come back up. Imagine the media sensation that would ensue? Playwright Will Eno takes a satirical look at news coverage with Berkeley Rep's Tragedy: A Tragedy.

7.  Jens Lekman performs on Saturday, March 22
Bloggerazzi darling Jens Lekman brings his brand of hyper-literate Swedish indie-pop to Bimbo’s 365 Club.

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