Top 7 Desserts of ‘07


Since I’ve started working here, I’ve noticed that everything in my life now runs in sevens or multiples of seven, so it’s no surprise that when I sat down to reflect on some of my favorite eats this year (2007—seven, get it?), I came up with… surprise… a list of seven. Here’s the rundown (in no particular order):

1. Strawberry rhubarb crisp at Universal Café—I forgot to take a picture of it before diving in; it was that good.

2. Berry zabaglione at Sociale—my brain told me to stop, but my spoon kept digging in to this creamy, yet refreshing treat.

3. Chocolate-peanut butter bombs from Chive Catering—as if an airy chocolate cake wasn’t enough… the oozing peanut butter took this over the top.

4. Pesce’s strawberry shortcake—the phyllo made it seem lighter, and the end-of-May strawberries were as fresh as fresh can be.

5. Huckleberry pie from the Glacier Highland Resort in Montana—perhaps everything tastes good after hiking and camping in the Great Outdoors?

6. Chocolate souffle at Gary Danko—this one’s no surprise, right?

7. Peach tart at Bar Tartine—another no-brainer.

Of course, I’m pretty much a regular at Swensen’s, National Ice Cream Cone Month or not. Keep an eye out for my next list of 7…. Happy holidays!

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