My favorite local dishes of 2007, in no particular order:

1.    At Ducca, gnocchi with chunks of oxtail, jus and … a genius move … red grapefruit.

Ducca's oxtail gnocchi.

2.    At South, the bushman’s plate, an Aussie version of antipasto: especially the tempura-coated mussels.

The bushman's plate at South.

3.    Also at South (yay South!), the barramundi, an Australian white fish pan-fried to a spicy crisp and served over slightly mashed harissa potatoes. Hands-down the best fish I’ve put in my mouth in 2007.

South's barramundi—the best fish dish ever.

4.    At SPQR, the trombette—toothsome trumpet-shaped pasta—coated in (intentionally) overcooked broccoli, finished with chile pepper and ricotta salata. And also, the fried brussel sprouts.

5.    The traditional Ligurian focaccia at Farina.

6.    An old favorite recently revisited: Fries “two ways” at Solstice—regular and sweet-potato fries with ketchup and aioli dipping sauce. Best bar food ever.

7.    The hot and sour soup, full of lean pork and perfectly flavored, at Jade Café (18 Geary St., 415-981-6138).