Tosca's "Cavalieri" Negroni: The Drink of Summer Is Here


After sampling eight Beefeater Gin negroni recipes from SF's top mixologists, our readers have spoken, and we have a winner! Tosca's Isaac Shumway created the unique Cavalieri negroni, which features layers of flavor thanks to the inclusion of Hidalgo manzanilla la Gitana Sherry, Campari, Chareau liquor, and saline solution. The saline is the perfectly unexpected finishing touch, providing just the right salty note to balance out the sweetness in the cocktail. The same concept that put salted caramel on our radar elevates the Cavalieri into gourmet territory.

Now head over to Tosca and give it a try, or if you're feeling fancy, follow Isaac's directions to mix it at home.

Recipe: Isaac Shumway's "Cavalieri" Negroni

Note from the mixologist: "How to make saline solution: Fill a jar with sea salt, add hot water, and shake. Let it sit until the crystals that do not dissolve settle to the bottom and fine strain."


- .5 oz Beefeater Gin

- 1 oz Hidalgo manzanilla la Gitana Sherry

- 1 oz Campari

- .5 oz Chareau liquor

- 3 drops Saline solution

Put all ingredients in a julep cup, reserving 1/4 oz Campari, discard orange peel into the julep cup reserving 1/4 oz Campari for garnish. Add crushed ice, swizzle. Top with snow cone. Pour 1/4 oz Campari over top. Grate orange peel over top. Garnish with mint sprig.

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