With nights dipping into the mid-50s and creeping fog making it hard to see whether or not the corner store is still open, I need something to keep me from going crazy, stat. After all, it's "summer" (I can barely remember what that means), we should all be out doing stuff. Enter Total Trash Fest 3, the sweatiest, dirtiest, messiest rock fest that's sure to keep me out of the house until the end of August, guaranteeing nights of complete insanity (the good kind) at the hands of the country's best garage, punk, psych and rock n' roll bands.

It's three full weeks, spreading from now until August 28th at both San Francisco and Oakland venues. For the mind-boggling lineup of bands soon to scathe your poor, unsuspecting eardrums–should you accept the challenge–go to TTF 3's Facebook.

What are we most excited for? Here's a tiny list to prime your brain for what's to come:

King Tuff

Personal & the Pizzas


South Bay Surfers

Eat Skull

Spencey Dude & the Doodles

Legendary Stardust Cowboy

Uzi Rash

Traditional Fools