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Welcome to "Transported", our new weekly series about getting places in San Francisco, whether you take the bus or the BART, bike or drive. Come here to find the skinny on secret parking spots, the new bike lanes and how to get across town on Muni without losing your mind.

Great news for those who want to test the biking waters in SF. Next year, the city's getting a bike sharing program, which is kind of like Zipcar, but for bikes.

It's an experimental, one-of-its-kind pilot project funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The as-yet-unnamed program will run for a year or two, and aims to get thousands away from four-wheeled transportation and zipping around town on two wheels. Like Zipcar, this bicycle program will give members access to rented bikes for a certain amount of prepaid time for short jaunts (or free for trips under 30 minutes) and is aimed particularly at those who live close to work and major transit areas. Using credit or membership cards, people can unlock the bikes and go on their merry ways.

No prices have been set yet, but the idea men behind the operation say it will run between the average costs of a public transit or taxi ride, which is less than the minimum hourly rate for a Zipcar. The bikes will also be outfitted with GPS systems and tracking devices so if thieves make off with your ride, authorities will have an easier time getting it back.

I'm already dreaming of renting one for the Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Plaza or riding down to the ballpark. What do you think about our new bike sharing program? Will you be taking them out for a spin?


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