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Three Recently Revamped San Francisco Hotels

Mandarin Oriental San Francisco

Take a glimpse at the San Francisco skyline and you won't notice anything out of the ordinary. Yet, walk into a few downtown San Francisco hotels and you might notice some stark differences. That's because local hotels have been getting major upgrades. Today, we feature three San Francisco hotels that have recently undergone significant renovations. 

Spend the Night on Alcatraz


It’s no secret that in San Francisco, we have some of the greatest parks at our disposal. Hiking, biking, running, swimming – you name it – we’ve got a place to do it. With so many choices, not knowing about, or even forgetting a good one is bound to happen every now and then. Perfect example? Alcatraz Island.

A Ghost Town Near Sacramento Contains Little Known California History


The Sacramento Delta is the equivalent of a water playground for many Bay Area folks. Water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing… and you can do it all less than two hours from San Francisco. But as the hot summer sun gives way to chilly fall days, staying dry can lead to hidden surprises.

San Francisco Area Hotels That Offer Free WiFi

Downtown San Francisco

This topic of WiFi is a touchy subject in the travel industry. While most bed and breakfasts and budget hotel brands have gotten the memo that travelers want complimentary Internet access, many luxury hotels continue to charge for it, often at a daily rate close to what you may be paying for a month of Internet access at home.

The Mojave Weekend Rock Star Escape

Mojave Desert

Palm Springs may be known for midcentury design, gay pride, and quality-of-life retirement, but a mere 30 miles away is a whole other kind of desert outpost. The High Desert communities bordering the northern end of Joshua Tree National Park, at 2700 feet above sea level, are smaller, cooler, and dustier. Towns like Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, and Twentynine Palms are the last vestiges of civilization before the vast stretch of unpopulated Mojave wilderness to the east.

Hobnob with Artists, Celebrities, and the International Jet Set at Art Basel Miami

For a few days each winter, high-powered art dealers (Larry Gagosian), museum honchos (Jeffrey Deitch, director of LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art), celebrity collectors (P. Diddy and Catherine Zeta-Jones), Damien Hirst disciples, emerging-art enthusiasts, fans of cutting-edge design, and art-curious scenesters break from their hibernation and flock to sun-baked south Florida for the world-renowned contemporary art show Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB). The 11th annual to-do paints the town, so to speak, Dec. 6–9.

Five Trends We'd Like to See from the Travel Industry

American airlines plane

It's no secret that the travel experience often leaves much to be desired. What's meant to be leisurely and stress-free is anything but. With the holiday travel season right around the corner, we wanted to share a few trends we'd like to see from the travel industry. 

The Big Eat Portland: 100 Things To Try Before You Die

Photo by Foodspotting user Lee Barth

1. Breakfast Sandwich @ Broder
2. Mortadella Sandwich @ Cheese Bar
3. Smoked Trout Salad @ Ken's Artisan Pizza
4. Reggie Deluxe @ Pine State Biscuits
5. Burger @ Yakuza Lounge

Where to Watch the Sunset in San Diego

La Jolla Sunset

Visitors spending even the shortest amount of time in California quickly see with their own eyes that it's hard to beat a California sunset. With backdrops that include rolling hills, rugged cliffs, and vast, sandy beaches, California sunsets rank among the best in the world. San Diego is no exception. Today we feature a few of the best places to watch the sunset in San Diego. 

Stay and Play: Where to Spend the Night and Surf in California

Hotel Solamar

It's no secret that surfing is ingrained in the history and culture of California. You can't escape it, even if you aren't a surfer yourself, whether it's the myriad of surf shops along the coast or bicyclists riding down the street with a surfboard strapped to the side of their bike. However, for those who aren't experienced surfers, taking the sport up can be overwhelming. However, a few hotels along the California coastline are making it easier for those who want to test the surfing waters. Today we feature a few of California's best hotels that mix staying with surfing.

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