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Hobnob with Artists, Celebrities, and the International Jet Set at Art Basel Miami

For a few days each winter, high-powered art dealers (Larry Gagosian), museum honchos (Jeffrey Deitch, director of LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art), celebrity collectors (P. Diddy and Catherine Zeta-Jones), Damien Hirst disciples, emerging-art enthusiasts, fans of cutting-edge design, and art-curious scenesters break from their hibernation and flock to sun-baked south Florida for the world-renowned contemporary art show Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB). The 11th annual to-do paints the town, so to speak, Dec. 6–9.

Five Trends We'd Like to See from the Travel Industry

American airlines plane

It's no secret that the travel experience often leaves much to be desired. What's meant to be leisurely and stress-free is anything but. With the holiday travel season right around the corner, we wanted to share a few trends we'd like to see from the travel industry. 

The Big Eat Portland: 100 Things To Try Before You Die

Photo by Foodspotting user Lee Barth

1. Breakfast Sandwich @ Broder
2. Mortadella Sandwich @ Cheese Bar
3. Smoked Trout Salad @ Ken's Artisan Pizza
4. Reggie Deluxe @ Pine State Biscuits
5. Burger @ Yakuza Lounge

Where to Watch the Sunset in San Diego

La Jolla Sunset

Visitors spending even the shortest amount of time in California quickly see with their own eyes that it's hard to beat a California sunset. With backdrops that include rolling hills, rugged cliffs, and vast, sandy beaches, California sunsets rank among the best in the world. San Diego is no exception. Today we feature a few of the best places to watch the sunset in San Diego. 

Stay and Play: Where to Spend the Night and Surf in California

Hotel Solamar

It's no secret that surfing is ingrained in the history and culture of California. You can't escape it, even if you aren't a surfer yourself, whether it's the myriad of surf shops along the coast or bicyclists riding down the street with a surfboard strapped to the side of their bike. However, for those who aren't experienced surfers, taking the sport up can be overwhelming. However, a few hotels along the California coastline are making it easier for those who want to test the surfing waters. Today we feature a few of California's best hotels that mix staying with surfing.

The Ultimate One-Day Itinerary for a Taste of Brooklyn

Brooklyn Skyline

Brooklyn bound? Get started with our kind of fun.

Apple Adventures in Northern California


It’s been a busy week around the Bay. World Series fever arrived with a down pouring of rain. It’s as though someone flipped a switch and gave us an electrifying jump start to fall. With things like baseball games and Halloween keeping you busy, it’s easy to forget other fall favorites. But if your trip to the pumpkin patch left you craving another dose of country living, think apples.

Unique Budget Accommodations in California

Hicksville Trailer Palace

Here at 7x7 we are all about unique and unusual travel. We recently wrote about a few of the most unique accommodations in California, which included a lighthouse, tree house, yurt, fire lookout, and wigwam. However, as novel as unusual accommodations often are, travelers are often paying for that novelty. Today we're featuring another set of unique accommodations in California, except all of these are for the budget-conscious traveler, with each offering at least one room that is under $100 per night.

Beach Hopping in Los Angeles

Santa Monica Beach

Los Angeles isn't just red carpets and traffic jams. Crazy, I know. While it can take some navigating to get to L.A.'s beaches, once there, visitors are rewarded with those expanses of sand and water that Southern California is known for. Today we feature a few of the best beaches to visit in and around Los Angeles. 

Halloween Haunts in the North Bay

Wicked West Ghost Town of Jose Ramon Avenue

Pumpkins are popping up everywhere and the race to find the perfect costume is on. If you’re still looking for Halloween inspiration, or just hoping to unearth some haunting fun, there’s a scary selection of terrifying and family friendly options in the North Bay.

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