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The First-Ever Silicon Valley Beer Week Arrives This Summer

Silicon Valley Beer Week

Summertime will have traction as a desirable time of year in ads and commercials for forever, and with good reason. It's portrayed as a fairly relaxing time when we're able to lounge about in shorts and tanks and do some serious lolling.

Out of the Ordinary Bay Area Museums

Pacific Pinball Museum pinball game

Can you imagine how many boxes it'll take the Exploratorium to move into its new home on Pier 15? While they unpack, settle in and get ready for opening day on April 17th, there are a number of other Bay Area museums worth checking out.

Patricia Unterman's Spice Trail to Turkey

Hot on the scent of the indigenous maras pepper, SF food critic Patricia Unterman got an authentic taste of the cuisine and culture of southeastern Turkey. Her adventure took her through city bazaars to the countryside, tasting everything she could get her hands on along the way. Her full story can be found in the February Eat+Drink Issue of 7x7, but you can get a taste of the journey in the slideshow above.

Where to Pig Out in Pasadena

Pie n Burger

I’m sure Pasadena has its share of gourmet restaurants, given its wide leafy lanes, pristine old town, and upscale school district. But for some reason, whenever I pass through—which is often—I end up eating at a taco stand or a pizza place that proves so satisfying, I return again and again. Here then, are my non-fancy favorites in a fancy little enclave.

Playing Tourist in Los Angeles

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Folks who don’t call California home are often surprised by how different Northern California is from its neighbor to the south.

An African Safari Adventure in Monterey

Elephant delivering breakfast

Wild things live in Monterey County and I’m not talking about the jellies, sea otters and other creatures that call the Monterey Bay Aquarium home.

How Foodies Reclaimed Portland's West Side

Tasty n Sons

Portland, Oregon is a tale of two cities. Divided by the Willamette River, the west side features the historic downtown, verdant hills, and winding streets. This is the Portland visitors see, the side with the hotels. The other Portland is the largely featureless east side—although there are pockets of pretty, its charms are less obvious. It’s no wonder, then, that most new Portlanders settle in the west. When my husband and I moved from New York in 2010, we, too, fell for looks.

Five Killer Vegetarian Options in LA

Kale Caesar Salad Mixto

I’m no vegetarian, but now that I’m living the Los Angeles lifestyle—and surrounded by Sienna Miller lookalikes at every turn—I’ve gotten on board with the veggie-loving hordes and taken up a new hobby: Finding meat-free dishes I crave so much that I’d choose them over a burger regardless of the health benefits. No, seriously.

Supper Club Surprise: An Oprah Moment at Bocanova

Rick's Supper Club

It’s unlikely that any of the diners attending Rick’s Supper Club event at Jack London Square’s Bocanova two nights ago had any clue what was in store for them at the South American Wine Dinner besides platos and vino.

Five NorCal Piers Worth a Walk

Berkeley Municipal Pier

Things associated with beaches and waves seem to naturally make people happy. Think about it. Mavericks had folks that never get in the ocean (let alone get on surf boards) brimming with excitement. Most lighthouses attract more people by car than by boat. Then there are piers. They attract all types: Walkers, runners, fisherman, thrill seekers, foodies… you get the idea.

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