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Great Whale Migration Happening Now

Helicopter in Morgan Freeman and Sigourney Weaver- we've got a real-time episode of Planet Earth on our hands.  More than 20,000 California gray whales (and a smattering of humpback, blue, and killer whales) are making their way along the Northern California Coast (en route from Mexico to Alaska) for their annual migration (in March and April). Dozens of pods per hour (each pod contains 20 or so whales) will be swimming by at a rate of 70 to 80 miles per day. Their journey -- one that should make you think twice about complaining about your next half marathon -- is 12,000 miles, the longest known distance that any mammal migrates on an annual basis.

Attention All Local Businesses: Register for CCA's Career Expo!

California College of the Arts has thousands of decorated alumni under its belt and more learning every day what it'll be like to be let loose in the real world. So local businesses, if you're on the lookout for interns, freelancers, part- and full-time employees, rally your troops for CCA's Career Expo on April 8th.

New Authoritative Web Site Tracks the Snow Conditions in SF

From the pages of Mission Mission comes the news that a new website has been created to study the complex meteorology involved in this weather pattern that has San Franciscans quaking in their shoes. Click here for the most up to date information.

Shaken, Not Stirred: Get Your Bond on at the Squaw Valley Prom This Weekend

Run, don't walk to your nearest Bebe shop and suit up in a scandalously tight bandage dress for a night in the mountains at the Squaw Valley Prom on Saturday, Feb. 26 to benefit the High Fives Foundation and Biking For A Better World. Grab a tuxedo'ed date and compete in the prom's costume contest (Best 007 James Bond, Best Bond Girl, Best Bond Villain) for prizes, and keep yourself warm with Red Bull drinks and beer from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Celebrate El Salvador at SOM with 7x7 This Wednesday!

Right now in San Francisco, it's almost too cold to enjoy the sun. That's why our celebration of the ever-tropical, sun-baked El Salvador this Wednesday at SOM is a perfect mid-week pick-me-up.

Our friends from Balompié Cafe will be serving their hot, legendary pupusas (for free!) and you can look forward to specials on rum drinks ($3) and El Salvadoran beer ($2) all night long while you dance to the beats of DJ Kingmost. The best part? It's free to get in.

Scenes of the City: Street Portraits in North Beach

For this week's "Scenes of the City" we're adding to our ongoing series of street portraits of different San Francisco neighborhoods (check out Castro Street Portraits here). We staked out at Washington Square Park in North Beach and captured some of the people milling about.

Photos by Joseph Schell

On their way to a "vintage optical store" on Polk Steet, Lee (left), 20, and Sara, 22, enjoyed each others company at a bus stop near the park.

San Francisco Too Harmless For A "Mancation?" Please.

CNN ran a piece today that essentially cornered San Francisco as a bland, too "healthy" destination for a proper "mancation"––a new breed of vacation described by author Brendan Francis Newnam as "a trip taken by a bunch of guy friends to blow off steam and remember why they are better off home with their families."

As Mr. Newman has obviously forgotten how to actually get torn up, we'll help him with some alternatives to his chosen route.

7x7 Celebrates El Salvador Next Week at SOM

Damp days like today naturally lead one's thoughts to lusher, more tropical climes—a leisurely jaunt to the islands, let's say, or across the equator. But instead of following the herds to the usual, overtrafficked stalwarts (we're lookin' at you, Costa Rica), we invite you to consider the sun-dappled secrets of El Salvador.

The more populous areas feature numerous festivals celebrating El Salvador's art, music and culinary delights. But more adventurous, sporty travelers will be drawn to the country's awesome vistas from atop highly-accessible volcanic mountain ranges, and the legendary Punta Roca surf break offers the best boarding in Central America.

Tap Water Refilling Stations, Brought To Us By The SFPUC and Global Tap

In an effort to promote tap water and demote the store bought, bottled variety, the SFPUC (in partnership with Global Tap) has been re-skinning what might normally be called "water fountains" into "tap water refilling stations."

The difference is not in the water (it's from SF's usual water source, Sierra snowmelt via the Hetch Hetchy), but in the way the dispenser looks and works. Its fountain is positioned to allow for an easy refill of your Nalgenes and Klean Kanteen while on the move.

What's the Sexiest Hotel Room in Los Angeles?

In honor of the month of amor, sister site California Home + Design is running a "Design Democracy" voting for the sexiest hotel room in L.A. Got a favorite? Head over there and weigh in.



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