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Bay Area Waterfalls Return to Their Former Glory Thanks to El Niño

All this rain has done more than hit Tahoe with tons of snows, El Niño is also reviving hundreds of waterfalls across the Bay Area. Re-discover their majestic beauty. 

5 Great Snowshoe Tours + Treks to Try in Tahoe

Tahoe snowshoe tours

Tahoe is a veritable winter wonderland right now with 4 to 7 feet of fresh snow! To keep from falling up to your waist in the cold powder, strap on a pair of snowshoes. These five snowshoe tours have everything from twilight treks, to star gazing, to feeding little birds from the palm of your hand.

Oakland Makes New York Times' List of Places to Go in 2016

Thursday morning the New York Times released its annual list of "The 52 Places to Go in 2016," ranking the East Bay at number 39 (out of the whole world). 

5 Reasons Why You Need To Explore Point Reyes

Just over an hour's drive from San Francisco lies Point Reyes, one of the most beautiful spots on the West Coast. It's probably on your radar and maybe even at the top of your bucket list. With the holiday weekend coming up (January 18th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day), it's a great time to make that short drive and explore this local treasure.

How to Do Tahoe on a Budget

There's only one word to describe the cost of a typical Tahoe vacation: exorbitant. With lift tickets at the larger resorts costing upward of $100 and even flea bag hotels charging sky high rates, it's hard to avoid Tahoe's financial frostbite. So how do you have a fabulous Tahoe winter vacation without breaking the bank?

New Movie Star-Worthy Glamping in Wine Country

If the idea of hanging out in a wilderness tent during the winter sounds a bit iffy, TerraVelo Tours would like you to reconsider.

A Perfect Winter Weekend in Nevada City and Grass Valley

Two Room Inn in Nevada City

Tucked into the forested foothills of Gold Country, the small towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley are about 40 minutes from North Lake Tahoe down windy Highway 20. For a winter getaway these little towns do the holidays right: from Nevada City's charming Victorian Christmas to cozy winery tasting rooms you'll probably want to stay longer than a weekend.

5 Snowy Reasons to Head to Park City, Utah this Winter

Once a rough-and-tumble silver mining town, Utah's Park City has transformed itself into one of the best ski destinations in the West.

Travel Inspiration: A Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

No time like the present to indulge in your escapist fantasies. There’s a lot of real life to dodge, after all: Forced holiday gatherings of awkward people. The obligatory year-end audit of missed opportunities and failures. The fabled El Niño. If you’d rather head to the beach in sunny Costa Rica, where you'd spend your days wandering the ocean on a standup paddleboard and doing yoga, no one would blame you. (Though we can't do anything about their deep-seated envy.)

2015 Hot 20: Kevin Jorgeson, The First Man to Free Climb Dawn Wall

Six years of training. Three thousand vertical feet climbed. Nineteen days living on sheer rock face. This had been Santa Rosa native Kevin Jorgeson’s reality up until January 14, when he and fellow climber Tommy Caldwell became the first to free climb what many believe is the most difficult route in the world—El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park.

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