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Modern Day Treasure Hunters

I'm not usually one for group activities, especially ones forced on you by your employer with the purpose of "team building." But, that said, such events may not be so creepy if you get to choose the members of your group, right? Enter Modern Day Treasure Hunters, which is holding a 21-and-over GPS-navigated scavenger hunt, with clues taking the form of music trivia, in a Walnut Creek park on Friday evening. On average, you traverse about two miles (which easily satifies your step-quotient for the day—just ask your pedometer) during the hunt.

The Camper's Secret: The Day Pass

Even though the road trip down to Big Sur on the supremely picturesque Highway One is a no-brainer in terms of worthy staycations, the recent feature in the March issue of Budget Travel, while stacked with some decent Central Coast recommends, failed to mention one important little secret privy only to the region's campers.

Naked Hiking Day

This picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Happy Naked Hiking Day! Thanks to my ReadyMade cohorts for bringing this event—which, not coincidentally, falls on the first day of summer—to my attention. My only observation after clicking on the various nude-hiking links is that this phenomenon is largely male-centric. I'll leave you to form your own opinions. And, if you've been nude hiking in NorCal, do tell (in the comment form below!).

Hike the Ecology Trail in the Presidio

I hate to divulge my neighborhood's best-kept secret for a quick outdoor fix, so I must apologize in advance to all my Presidio Heights homies for inviting the masses to overrun our perfect little walkabout. Here goes: To get to the Ecology Trail in the Presidio, I jump over the wall at the northernmost point of Cherry Street, and prance just a few paces to the first of many Hansel-and-Gretel moments on this 1.4-mile hike: a trailhead flanked by towering, vine-covered eucalyptus trees. However, a bag of breadcrumbs won't be necessary since the footpath—which meanders in and out of the sunshine, through shady forests and grassy clearings—is distinctly marked.

Distance Swimmers to Brave Shark Infested Waters ... for Charity!

This Saturday, six Bay Area athletes will attempt something that many (most?) people would consider totally insane: swimming from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge – a 30 mile distance through frigid, great white shark infested waters (fun fact: this region of the California coast is called the “Red Triangle” on account of its famed inhabitants. You know, because red is the color of blood.) They would be the first relay team ever to accomplish the feat.

Get Ready for Summer Sailstice

Let me guess—you love to sail, but you a) don't have a vessel at your disposal; b) don't have friends who have vessels at their disposal; c) always get sidetracked on your way to the snooty sailing club. Gotcha. May I suggest just one more way to satisfy your sailing bug? Head to Summer Sailstice this weekend just off Treasure Island to celebrate the longest days of the year, watch a mini-regatta, take part in a treasure hunt and sail for free. Yes, free. First come, first served. The dock opens at 11 AM on Saturday, June 19.

Weekend Hike: Purisima Redwoods

In my own strange way, I view loop hikes as the most efficient use of time, only because you don't need to backtrack on the same trail just to return to your starting point. Loop hikes cover the most ground and get you seeing more of the forest or grasslands or whatever you're traversing. I know this may not make any sense to those of you out there who see no problem walking the same old path—for your sake, I hope this doesn't translate into other areas of your life. Anyway, I digress.


Sadly, "Yogapalooza," while a moniker that seems very 7x7, was surprisingly not invented by any of our writers. However, the word has inspired this round-up of Sunday yoga events around the Bay, to encourage low-impact workouts on the day of rest, the way (insert name of omnipotent spiritual icon here) intended.

Number one on the list: the actual Yogapalooza, an event occurring simutaneously in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and San Francisco (at YogaWorks on Divisadero) to benefit YogaBear, which provides free rehabilitation services for cancer patients. A $15 all-day pass gets you in to three gentle-yoga classes and a silent auction.

Run for Grrrl Power, Champagne and Chocolate

As a former awkward teenage girl supreme who suffered in silence with all of her insecurities, I can appreciate the work that Alameda-based Girls Inc. of the Island City does to "inspire all girls to be smart, strong, and bold." This Saturday, women's fitness-gear retailer, See Jane Run, is sponsoring a half-marathon and 5K race starting at Crown Beach in Alameda. A portion of each registration (June 3 is the last day to sign up) goes to Girls Inc. What do you get?

The LLS 2010 Man/Woman of the Year Kickoff Party

On March 25th, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society launched this year's search for the Man and Woman of the Year with a lively celebration at Harry Denton's Starlight Room. The candidates were all smiles as they mingled with special guests of honor -- Boy of the Year Adam Joseph Boegel, and Girl of the Year Stella Jade -- both of whom are brave blood cancer survivors.

The annual competition -- now in its 20th year -- involves truly compassionate local men and women who work to raise funds to support thousands of patients battling leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

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