Treasure Island Music Festival


I was among the thousands of music fans who flocked to Treasure Island over the weekend for two days of music and good vibes on a fogless San Francisco Bay.

The real treasure on the island was of course the music, DJ Shadow Kid Beyond, M.I.A., Thievery Corporation, Trainwreck riders and that’s just for starters. There were two stages, more than 28 artists and several thousand people who came for a good time.

Vendors were flogging all manner of things—t-shirts, food, posters and political messages. I was lured only by the inviting smell of hot dogs. The $8 price tag was a bite on butt not to mention a tug on the purse strings!

The music highlight for me was Brit-electronica darlings M.I.A. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands from beginning to end. Their sound is a multi-cultural musical collage of beats, samples and catchy rhymes—an intoxicating aural adventure. They stole the show.

A Ferris wheel loomed large over the festival site. It was the perfect way to enjoy a bird's eye view of not just Treasure Island but the entire San Francisco Bay. Bliss. San Francisco never looked so good, a picture perfect postcard. The $5 fee for the ride was well worth it.  A million-dollar view for $5 now that is a steal, a right royal treat!

Attendees—in their funky outfits—looked like Burning Man refugees, and they brought the vibe and weather of the desert with them.

It was a perfect festival. There were eats to be had, drinks to be scored, and beautiful people to watch at every turn.  I had the enjoyment of treating my ears to great music, I caught up with old friends and got kisses by the sun! Full marks to Another Planet and Noise Pop.

Let us hope that this is an annual affair. Can we please do it all over again next year?
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