Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros looked as if they’d just descended from some mountain-trek in the Andes when they took to Treasure Island’s Bridge Stage on (a very windswept) Sunday afternoon. Which is both to say that the group is very close-knit (lots of smiles and hand-holding) and that if an alpaca joined them on stage, it wouldn’t have seemed weird.

Edward Sharpe’s oft been compared to a more hippy Arcade Fire, and the fullness of sound they brought to this T.I. performance definitely met (and maybe even exceeded) that parallel. The vocals of both Edward Sharpe (who seems to be channeling both Jesus and the Love Guru) and Jade Castrinos (a modern-day Julie Andrews) are simultaneously rich and sweet and reached a fevered pitch in their June Carter/Johnny Cash-esque duet, “Home.”

Check out the beginning of their set below.

video by Jason Jurgens