courtesy of Brilliant Earth

I’m a girl who likes her jewelry—and I’m sure I get it from my grandfather, who liked to buy my grandmother diamonds. She wore them well, and I liked to try on her rings whenever they visited. Then they bought me my first dainty diamond ring when I was a teen—it was the beginning of a collection of sparkly baubles, big and small.

Most of the jewelry I wear now is of the vintage variety, and I count antique shops, flea markets and eBay as my best sources. I love vintage for the one-of-a-kind factor but also for the eco-friendly nature of it. (When you buy something used, you’re re-using and preventing waste!)

For new jewelry, including styles you can customize, it’s good to go with San Francisco-based Brilliant Earth, which sells jewelry made of fair-trade and conflict-free gems (diamonds, sapphires) and gold or silver that is recycled, or “renewed.” (To sweeten the deal: they donate five percent to groups that support African communities.)

The pictured leaf pendant has a green sapphire that was ethically sourced so it is truly good and green.