photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

TSE and the new MO Bar at the Mandarin Oriental of SF co-hosted a shopping event with 20 percent of the proceeds going to the San Francisco Parks Trust. The party included a preview of Tse's spring 2008 collection.

Ariane Zewe_Lady Reiss Claude Martens_Rita Rosse Matthew Smith_Jason Fifield
Ariane Zewe, Lady Reiss            Claude Martens, Rita Rosse       Matthew Smith, Jason Fifield

Elisa Cheng_Megan Evans Jenna Hunt_Bryan Hunt Kate Gorrissen_Melissa Walker
Elisa Cheng, Megan Evans              Jenna & Bryan Hunt              Kate Gorrissen, Melissa Walker

Salvador Abuaunza_Christine Gaudenzi_David Curell Lady Reiss_Chip Fuller
Salvador Abuaunza, Christine Gaudenzi, David Curell                  Lady Reiss, Chip Fuller

Kate Gorrissen_Cynthia Tirado_Melissa Walker Rita Rosse_Patricia Dassios
Kate Gorrissen, Cynthia Tirado, Melissa Walker                              Rita Roffe, Patricia Dassios

Elisa Cheng, Megan Evans, Ryoko Bivens, Mani Motarjemi