Tune Into Live Cams of Your Favorite Watering Holes with Barspace.tv


We wrote last October about Ratio Finder, the site that tells you the real time ratio of gents to ladies at city hot spots. But if sheer data's not enough for you, Barspace.tv (which just launched a new website January 3rd) now turns real-time video cams on your favorite watering holes, so you can check to see if the scene meets your standards before you venture out.

A little Big Brotherish, yes, but it's popular - they report more than 50,000 monthly visitors and 10,000 mobile app downloads so far.

Barspace.tv aims to become a destination for nightlife information, and currently has 165 venues "on camera," most of them in the SF Bay Area, which they consider their hub. They're hoping to have over 1,000 bar cams set up by the end of 2011. The live cam app works on nearly all smartphones, so you can check bars you're thinking of hitting up on the move.

Bars can dictate which hours the cams are set up - and usually roll the lights during peak partying times. The Make Out Room, for example, should have its camera on tonight from 8 pm to 1:30 am. And if you want to check out the beer pong scene on the other side of town, tune in to Bar None's camera from 9pm to 1am.

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