Up and Out


Rolling hills on one side, ocean on the other.
Between the two, the sweetest berries around.

I once had a friend who lived in Manhattan who hadn’t set foot outside the city in eight years. “Why would I leave?” she often said, “Everything I need is right here.” That’s true if everything you need can be brought into the big city (or you’re satisfied by fabulous take-out, world-class music, theatre and bookstores), but what about the things that, no matter how hard city-dwellers try, can’t be transported? What about snow-capped mountains, the craggy route 1 coastline, the sight of a country meadow filled with flowers? Sorry, friend, but they don’t have that in Central Park.

While it’s true San Francisco is a city rich in cultural and culinary resources, it’s also such a great city because of its proximity to the most beautiful countryside imaginable. So even though the mission of 7x7 is to celebrate the best things within our city’s 49 square miles, this post is to encourage you to GET OUT OF TOWN. Hit the trails, grab a sandy spot on Montara beach, stop for a beer at San Gregorio General Store. While you’re out there, here’s my recommendation for a few well-spent hours. Stop by Swanton Berry Farm (on Rt. 1) in Davenport, just before Santa Cruz. Walk up the hill to their spectacular strawberry field, with a million-dollar view of the ocean, and pick to your hearts content. A flat (about 7 pounds) will run you $14, but you can spend as long as you want soaking in the view for free.
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