photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Susan Swig Watkins hosted a party at her home for the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding teams, welcoming in particular USSA President and CEO Bill Marolt and US Olympian Daron Ralves. Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind gave a special acoustic performance while invitees enjoyed tasty bites and beverages.

Robin & Chris Donahoe Peter Getty_Stephan Jenkins Marianna Darmina_Zach Christ
Robin & Chris Donahoe              Peter Getty, Stephan Jenkins    Marianna Darmina, Zach Christ

Kelly & Michael Brown Kipp Nelson_Jonny Moseley Christine Toriello_Allison Speer
Kelly & Michael Brown                  Kipp Nelson, Jonny Moseley    Christine Toriello, Allison Speer

Donnie & Chase Baldocchi Adrianne Iann_Tristan Stolz Bill Brady_Zurmina Tellman
Donnie & Chase Baldocchi         Adrianne Iann, Tristan Stolz       Bill Brady, Zurmina Tellman

Watkins_Marolt_Barnett Leo Kramer_Dominque Harrington
Susan Swig Watkins, Bill Marolt, Roger Barnett                         Leo Kramer, Dominique Harrington
Daron Rahlves_Susan Kase_Ron Kase Hilary Armstrong_Susan Swig Watkins
Daron Rahlves, Susan & Ron Kase                                              Hilary Armstrong, Susan Swig W.

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