Use RelayRides for the Next Gorgeous Indian Summer Day


The next Indian Summer days we get will be the perfect time to go on an adventure, so don't get left in the dust! You can rent a car anytime, for any adventure you have in mind, via RelayRides, an awesome car-sharing marketplace where you essentially rent cars from your neighbors. It's perfect for any casual car driver looking for a way to get out of town for a short time.

Here's the gist in a cute, short video:

See video

So forget worrying about asking your roommate for his or her car. Renting through RelayRides is easy. Just sign up and choose from a ton of cool cars, trucks and SUVs. It's not just a bunch of Honda Civics! Rental costs start at just $5 per hour, and you'll be covered by $300,000 for driver liability insurance. If you could use some extra cash this weekend, you can rent your car on RelayRides as well. Car owners can sign up to rent their vehicles here, and, believe it or not,  you could make $600+ per month! RelayRides lets you create custom pricing and availability for hourly, daily and weekly trips, and membership and listings are free. And if you're worried your car might be manhandled by strangers, don't sweat it: You're covered by $1,000,000 insurance for car owners.

BONUS ALERT! Want to try RelayRides? They're giving away $100 in driving credits for you to use. Just tell us where your ultimate Bay Area adventure would be using a RelayRides vehicle on a hot day. We'll choose the person with the best answer and hook you up!

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