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Our office is an overstuffed set-up constructed with no offices and no cubicles. Just one big open space where you can really reach out and touch someone—the perfect environment to drag everyone into your own procrastilagging.

A while ago, this came in the form all of the editors here shouting out their least favorite words, in total geeky editor form. From the non-food team, crusty and moist were top picks (which really eliminates any discussion of Chad’s bread at Tartine). Nestled, perched and über are out—our executive editor Chris has all but banned them. And panties really seems to upset Ben, our design director, for some reason.

I have a whole bevy of words that make me cringe when applied to food: Some (tasty, standout, delectable) are dullards; and some (tucked, sultry and sassy) are just grating. Worst-case-scenario sentence: At a restaurant perched atop Russian Hill and nestled between two bookstores, we tucked into a sultry dish of papardelle. Standouts also included the tasty sea bream and a sassy licorice parfait.

I’m also not the fondest of the word toothsome, which describes pasta that’s been cooked to perfection, with a little give and take. It just happens to sound unappealing to me. However a friend who actually really likes this word, suggested that he also thinks the word toothless works: as in a dish that has no soul, no texture, no flavor. Now I like that.

That being said (and really—no pressure) we’re banking on you to take a moment to wax poetic about the restaurants you like by first casting your votes on our annual Reader’s Choice Awards—and then letting us know why you like this restaurant in a few succinct sentences or a whole manifesto. Give me some new words to work with. I’m tired of delicious.

The best reader’s comments will not only be published in 7x7’s February Eat + Drink issue, but the person behind them will also win two tickets to our Reader’s Choice awards party at the City Club in January, which last year turned out to be quite the industry event, packed to the Diego Rivera mural with every über chef in town. (Sorry, Chris.)

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