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Kristin Smith

New San Francisco Bike Registry Helps You Retrieve Your Stolen Bike

Bike theft is a serious problem in San Francisco. A report earlier this year revealed that more than 4,000 bikes are stolen every year, with an average of 11 bikes per day getting cut, clipped, and stripped for parts. In San Francisco, bike theft outnumbers iPhone theft 3 to 1. 

Four Local Athletes to Watch in the Olympics

California sent more athletes to Sochi than any other state, and there are a fair number of Northern Cali Olympians to keep your eyes on. Southern California native Shaun White may have bombed in the half-pipe snowboard competition and bowed out of slopestyle, but Tahoe snowboarder Jamie Anderson is bringing home the gold medal in the high-flying event. Here are four other local athletes to watch: 

Tips for Biking in the Rain

The rain is finally here! After a record-breaking drought we now have rain in the forecast for at least the next few days — Hallelujah! But you don’t have to hang your bike up just because it’s sprinkling. So here are a few tips for wet-weather riding.

A Dating Game for San Francisco Bike Lovers

Lovelorn bachelors and bachelorettes, this is your week to find love. And the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is going to help you. On Wednesday, February 5, the SFBC is hosting its annual dating game for bike-enthusiasts. If you’ve been having trouble meeting the sexy girls in the bike lanes, this may be your shot.

Sparse Illuminates the Way in Bike Design

Industrial designer Colin Owen has a single focus these days: reduce the design impediments to urban biking. On sabbatical from his teaching job at CCA, Owen is now working full time on bike design for his company, Sparse.

Local Guy Pedals His Proposal Around SF

Just how many calories does it take to ask someone to marry you? Seven hundred forty nine, if you’re Murphy Mack.

Man on a Wire: San Francisco Style

One of the most incredible things about San Francisco is our easy access to outdoor beauty and adventure. There’s no suburban sprawl separating us from the ocean or hills or unobstructed epic views. While most of us find our local outdoor adventure on the ground, two guys have found their outdoor bliss on a highline slackrope high above the ocean.

Check Out These Turn Signal Bike Gloves

Bike light technology has come a long way in the last few years, and tech-centric San Francisco is leading the way.

The Perfect Urban Hike: Mount Sutro

I’m a huge fan of urban hikes, what with their secret staircases and craggy vistas. But sometimes you want a hike that feels more like a hike—with big trees and winding trails and no houses.

Three Great Bike Events to Wrap Up 2013

The holidays are rapidly approaching, but there are still plenty of great local bike events to keep even the most hard core of cyclists busy in the holiday season.

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