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David LaBua

White Magic: How to Successfully Park in the White Zone

It was time to renew my passport. Most of the process is surprisingly easy and efficient. The main challenge of renewing your passport in person at the SF branch is finding parking and trying to not be late for the appointment. Since the SFPark street sensors are offline temporarily, I found myself having to resort to old school methods of finding parking. It's always good to put the low tech backup skillset to use.

Blinded By The Signs

Dear Parking Guru,

I’ve lived in SF for a couple of years, am inundated with work, need a car most days to make my life work, and after two years, am still overwhelmed by all of the traffic and signs telling me when, where, why, why not, and for how long I can or cannot park. 

The Latest San Francisco Parking Citation Data

Pop quiz. Please turn off your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Eyes on your own paper.

The answer is: 88 million.

Is the correct question:

a) What was the number of barrels of oil consumed globally per day in 2011?


b) What was the dollar amount of revenue generated from parking citations in San Francisco last year?

What it Would Cost to Own Every Parking Spot in SF

Dear Parking Guru,

I arrived home today to find a few “temporary event, no parking, tow away” signs on my street for this weekend.  What exactly does “temporary event” mean. And more importantly, how far does the no parking zone extend.  I have been told that the signs are enforceable for 200 feet, is this true?

Parking Magic or Illusion?

Dear Parking Guru,

In my neighborhood, a neighbor has a “no parking” sign on a the fence of a single-family home residential property. It has been up for a while and the house is now for sale. Can you "reserve" sidewalk parking in front of your home? Is this legal?

The Commuter Lane Explained

Dear Parking Guru,

I was driving down 5th Street the other day at 4:30 p.m. I noticed that I was being followed by a parking enforcement person. I kept checking my rear view mirror. She kept following me for about half a mile. 

New Year's Parking Rules

Be sure not to start the new year off on the wrong foot by being the first car of 2014 to be ticketed or towed.

Scientific Proof That Nice People Age Better

Late last night, I was returning to my car after a long day at work. As I got to the car door, I reached into my pocket for my keys. They weren’t there.

Christmas Week Parking Rules in SF

'Twas the night before Christmas

And you drove to the City.

Parking rules can be confusing and tricky.

At the end of the year with the bills that you owe,

The last thing you need is to be ticketed or towed.

The Future of SFpark


A few days ago, I received an email from the SFpark team discussing some upcoming changes to SFpark, as the pilot project comes to a close in 2014. 

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