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David LaBua

Welcome to San Francisco! When Parking, Remember to...

Farifax Parking

Dear Parking Guru,

I recently moved to SF and in my first week here I got two tickets in one day.  Not the warm welcome I was looking for. I did a little research and found you. How am I supposed to know all of this stuff? I get meter time limits, etc. But the stuff you write about like the 100 foot rule, and 72 hour limits. How can anybody be expected to know this if it is not posted?

Bummed Out Big Time

The Three Best Parking Tricks

Hidden ticket

Dear Parking Guru,
Love your posts, website, book, and app. I’ve saved a lot of grief and $$$ over the last few years by being clued in. So, thanks. I have a non-specific question for you. What are some of the latest and greatest parking tricks that you know of?
Mary Prankster

The 3-Minute Method of Successfully Fighting a Parking Ticket

Dear Parking Guru,
I have benefitted greatly from your stories and sage advice to others.  Unfortunately, the time has come for me to seek your help. I just got a ticket for not curbing my wheels on Folsom between Hawthorne and Second Street. The street is almost flat. How can I fight this? Could you please help me?

One Thing Worse than Getting a Parking Ticket


Dear Parking Guru,

I was issued a parking ticket in error, but I don't have any supporting evidence.

A $966 Cup of Coffee

Dear Parking Guru,
I have a parking ticket woe, and would like advice on how to state my case in court. The other day, I stopped for coffee in the morning at 6:15 am. I parked in the handicap spot in front of the coffee shop just to run in (not very smart in retrospect, I know). There was a CHP officer at the next corner who saw me, watched me get in my car, and then proceeded to pull me over after I pulled out of the spot.

How Parking Meters Slowly Invaded San Francisco

The Free Ride is Over

Dear Parking Guru,
My co-workers and I look forward to reading your blog every Friday. If one of my highlights of each Friday is looking forward to reading about parking, does that make me a true San Franciscan? Also, thanks for last week’s post about getting my $72 refund from SFMTA for parking on Sundays. This change got me wondering how long parking on Sunday had been free, and for how long parking meters have actually been around.
Curiouser and Curiouser

The Loophole That Will Get You a $72 Refund from SFMTA

Dear Parking Guru,
I read your work for 7x7 every week. A couple of weeks ago you mentioned that the new Sunday parking enforcement would be starting, but that it would not be enforced for the first three Sundays, and reminders instead of tickets would be given out for meter violations.

Later, I also saw it reported on the Huffington Post and on CBS. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon (the third Sunday in January), I received an expired meter parking ticket for $72 in SoMA instead of a warning. I checked and could not find anything anywhere about warnings for the first three weeks on the SFMTA website. Is there anything I can do?

How to Get Back Your $500 from SFMTA

Dude, Where's My Car?

Dear Parking Guru,
"Dude, where is my car?" Towed! The citation said, “Temp. No Pking sign.”  I’m kicking myself because I was going to check on it on the day before it was towed, leading me to believe a lot of times these temporary No Parking signs go up on the Friday before the weekend.

The Best Time to Read the Fine Print

Dear Parking Guru,
I hope you are doing well today! I found your column/book online, but it may have been too late. I would like to consult your expert opinion. I live in Minneapolis and was recently in SF visiting friends for five days. I was staying with a friend who lives near the intersection of Laguna and Haight and made sure to follow all of the parking instruction signs to avoid getting a ticket.  
I was parked overnight on Laguna in a two-hour zone which starts at 8 AM (thus I would be ticketable at 10 AM).  At 9 AM I went over to another friend’s place nearby on Waller and had some breakfast. I came back to Laguna about 9:45 to pickup my wife before heading to the airport and saw an open spot two spaces in front of my previous spot. I moved the car to get another two hours so I wouldn’t have to race the clock. I went in to get our luggage etc. and when we came back down to the car at 10:25, I saw that I was issued a ticket (TC315A-Residential Parking).

Parking Meters Now Operational on Sundays

Parking Meters Now Operational on Sundays

Apologies in advance if this is a post-holiday buzzkill for you. But, while you were eating, drinking, and resting over the holidays, the SFMTA elves were out reprogramming parking meters to be operational on Sundays.  Yep, you read it correctly. You now will have to pay to park at meters on Sundays. 

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