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The Tender

The 20 Best Dishes Under $10 in the Tenderloin + Tendernob

Last fall, we published the 10 Best Lunches Under $10 in Union Square. It was so popular, we decided to do it with every neighborhood. Rather than attack this subject as outsiders, we're approaching "hyperlocal" dwellers from each 'hood to give us their picks — in this case the editors of The Tender, who call the Tenderloin and the Tendernob their stomping grounds. They tackle both neighborhoods in this cheap eats list.

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Tenderloin (Mason-Geary-Polk-Golden Gate)

1. Louisiana-Style Bread Pudding from Hooker's Sweet Treats

There are days when the Louisiana-style bread pudding with seasonal fruit and caramel sauce from Hooker's Sweet Treats has a touch more Bourbon than others.  We call those days, "lucky" and you should too as you can grab the bread pudding Tuesday through Sunday with any permutation of Sightglass coffee your heart so desires and trust us, it will desire. $5.50. 442 Hyde St. Cash only.

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