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Mary Polizzotti

Foodie Agenda: Lunch in a Field, a Grilled Cheese Bus, and More

Saturday, September 8

The San Francisco Zen Center has long been a leader in the organic food and cooking movement, and this weekend’s "Feasting in the Fields" event will showcase their expertise with a meal in the fields of Green Gulch Farm (cue dreamy vision of dining amid amber waves of grain). The lunch will feature veggies grown at Green Gulch with a menu crafted by Annie Somerville, Executive Chef of Greens Restaurant. Bar Agricole will provide herbal cocktails for the event.

The Rise of the Female DJ

For a long time, it's been a man's world in the land of electronic music. But not anymore. Meet three DJ divas who are breaking that trend on dance floors in San Francisco and beyond.

The Misconceptions of Burning Man

Burning Man

On a call a few days ago, the web developer sheepishly told me, “So, the last week of August I won’t be on the call because um, well (pause), I’m, uh (whisper) going to Burning Man.”

It’s undeniable that Burning Man has a particular stigma in San Francisco among those who have not experienced it. It’s a stigma that makes virgin Burners ashamed to admit they are finally going to give it a try.

I, too, was one of those uninterested and apathetic on the whole Burning Man thing. Five years ago, I went. And yes, it was amazing. The fuzzy boot-clad, sparkle-adorned, die-hard Burners may intimidate (or scare) you, but Burning Man is misunderstood by most. Here’s why:

Where to Shop For Your Burning Man Costume

Now that another Outside Lands is under our belts, what event can playful San Franciscans look forward to next? Why, Burning Man of course!

In less than two short weeks, about 50,000 people will be Playa bound. If you’re one of them, you better hit the stores ASAP to get your outfits together before everything sells out. Here’s where to start:

The Ultimate Outside Lands Survival Guide

The Ultimate Outside Lands Survival Guide

[UPDATED August 2013]

Don’t be late – Lots of folks roll in around the 5 o’clock hour. If you join them, you will miss out on dozens of amazing artists. Gary Clark Jr., Soft White Sixties, Jessie Ware, Surfer Blood, Hall & Oates and many more all play before 5 p.m. Additionally, you will miss the long line that accrues at the Heineken dome.

Don’t eat before you arrive – Go hungry, very hungry - Everything you could possibly want will be there. Find more details here and here.

Two Don't Miss Fashion Events to Shake Up Your Week

Style Radar: This Week's Fashion Events

Sunday, July 15

Need a dazzling complement to a costume, an evening gown, a wedding dress, a three-piece suit -- or even your birthday suit (Burners, take note!) -- San Francisco-based Le Petit Hat Company is debuting their 2012 summer collection at a launch party on Sunday afternoon at Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Specializing in hand-made, customized hats that rock, a petit hat is a unique fashion accessory that embodies sass, and silliness with a touch of sophistication and class. Look forward to music, Petit Hat-inspired cocktails, a raffle, and many Petit Hats! 1 – 4 p.m., 2323 Mission St @ 19th.

Wednesday, July 18

Three Solid Reasons to Head to the Theater


The world's longest-running musical, aggressive puppets, and a ballet-horror comedy are on tap this week in San Francisco theater.

An Urban Bathhouse Joins the SF Spa Scene

Archimedes Banya

From natural hot springs to Kabuki Springs to posh Burke Williams spa, San Franciscans love to prune their digits in hot tubs, sweat out stress in a dry sauna, and melt away worries in a steam bath. Now, there’s another addition to the spa scene, but it’s definitely unlike any other spa you have experienced in the Bay.

Style Radar: This Week's Fashion Events

Style Radar: This Week's Fashion Events


Thursday, May 31

Take your pick for a good cause: milk + cookies or wine + shopping (or all of the above!). Shop over on trendy Clement St. tonight and 10% of the sales at the funky and wonderful Seedstore will benefit the Richmond YMCA. Besides the tasty goods and great shopping,100% of the raffle proceeds will also go to the YMCA. To attend, RSVP here3 - 8 p.m. 212 Clement St. (415) 386-1600.


Friday, June 1

What's a Girl Gotta Do to Get an Apartment in This Town?

What's a Girl Gotta Do to Get an Apartment in This Town?

  I pay my rent on time every month. I pay my bills. I have a steady job. I have no kids, no pets, no strings attached, and no nicotine addiction. I’m old enough to throw a civilized adult gathering (read: party) and wise enough not to destroy my apartment in the process (most of the time). As my colleague put it, I’m a landlord’s wet dream.

But, in San Francisco at the moment, none of that matters.

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