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Amy Sherman

Fifteen Decadent Alternatives to Foie Gras

It's one year into the foie gras ban. While some restaurants may still be serving it surreptitiously, it’s mostly history. So what’s being serving instead? Here are some dishes that help us get through these trying times. 

Kick Your Traditional Happy Hour to the Curb at Range

Tayler Buffington, bar manager at Range

When is happy hour not happy hour? When it's aperitif hour at Range.

Meet the King of Porc: Adam Sobel

Just weeks after arriving in San Francisco RN74's new chef Adam Sobel wowed the local food cognoscenti at the Cochon 555 competition with a mix of American and Asian inspired porkaliciousness that beat out a slew of better-known hometown chefs.

The Rhubarb Recession is Coming! Cash In Before It Disappears from SF Menus

Rhubarb is the darling of spring but can be elusive at farmers markets and lately, has been disappearing from menus to make room for summer fruit like peaches and blackberries.

Hip in Healdsburg: A Restaurant Renaissance Arrives

Red Wine Fries at Partake by KJ

Late last year Healdsburg saw the opening of Campo Fina, Pizzando, Parish Cafe, Cafe Lucia, Bravas Bar de Tapas and Taverna Sofia, but that was just the beginning.

Three Bay Area Makers Are Using Their Noodles

Pasta Bay Area

Ramen may be having a renaissance, but it 
isn’t the only noodle in town—there’s a revolution simmering in artisan Italian pasta too.

New Places to Brunch in San Francisco

We San Franciscans love brunch so much that standing in line for it seems totally normal. This year, more restaurants than ever are either adding brunch or expanding their brunch menus to meet the demand. Even better, they all offer reservations, making the morning a whole lot easier to face. Here are some highlights.  


What's New in San Francisco's BBQ Scene

San Francisco has never been known as a barbecue town, but that seems to be changing with pitmasters turning up the heat. 

Badass Block: Telegraph and 51st Street in Oakland

There are certain blocks in this city that seem like mini-universes. Each week, we'll highlight a stretch of pavement where you could spend an entire day and night. Next up? Telegraph and 51st Street in Oakland.

La Cocina Graduates: Where Are They Now?

You’ve seen La Cocina entrepreneurs selling their wares at the San Francisco Street Food Festival and at the La Cocina kiosk at the Ferry Building. But those aren’t the only places where you’ll find them. Many of the program graduates are opening up shops, restaurants and expanding their presence far and wide. 

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