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Amber Adrian

July Classical Roundup: Cypress Quartet, Pamela Z, and Mozart

Robin Cox Ensemble with Amy X Neuberg and Pamela Z

Musician-composers (and local institutions) Amy X Neuberg and Pamela Z join the LA-based Robin Cox Ensemble at Pamela Z’s infamous Room Series, where classical meets experimental and everyone gets those musical horizons broadened. Featuring violin, cello, clarinet, percussion, piano, electronics, and video, the Robin Cox Ensemble is a smart post-classical sextet that integrates multimedia with classically leaning instrumentals. 

July 8-9. Royce Gallery, 2901 Mariposa Street. Tickets are $10 at


Midsummer Mozart Festival Program One

Local Dancers (and a Wheelchair) To Star On So You Think You Can Dance

Representing AXIS Dance in Oakland (one of the country’s leading companies featuring dancers with and without disabilities), Sonsheree Giles and Rodney Bell are known for intense duets that match Bell’s lithe spins of the wheelchair to Giles’ fleet, athletic grace. They’ll be performing local choreographer Alex Ketley’s Izzie award-winning To Color Me Different. Named one of the top ten dance performances of the year (2008, when it premiered) by the San Francisco Chronicle and Voice of Dance, this Bay Area special will be seen by the hordes of rabid consumers who tune into SYTYCD each week.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Collaborator Eva Gabrielsson at City Arts and Lectures

Eva Gabrielsson was Stieg Larsson’s longtime partner and his collaborator on the wildly popular and internationally bestselling series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. After Larsson's unexpected death in 2004, she learned that due to an obscure bit of Swedish inheritance law, their work was no longer under her control. Forced to rebuild her life during a protracted and ongoing legal battle, Gabrielsson wrote a memoir, There Are Things I Want You To Know about Stieg Larsson and Me. In anticipation of her conversation about the book with Roy Eisenhardt at Herbst Theater on Monday night, she stole time from her travel schedule to answer a few questions by email for 7x7.

KMLZ: Killing My Lobster and Z Space in a One-Night-Only Sketch Variety Show

What happens when you barricade ten comedians in a room for fifty hours? You get twisted minds fueled by caffeinated hysteria writing jokes that may or may not mimic the sleep-deprived love child of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live

Killing My Lobster usually spends a good ten weeks on a show. So a mere fifty hours is laughable - at least, so they hope. Writers, actors, filmmakers, and musicians all contribute their own brand of funny for a new type of sketch variety show. Contributors include KML veterans like local playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb and special guests like KFOG's Peter Finch, the Tequila Whisperer, and vaudevillian indie folk band, The Bengsons.

Joan Baez Does Teatro Zinzanni

From marching for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr. to canoodling with cabaret magicians, Joan Baez has quite a resume. Finding romance with Ukrainian illusionist this summer, the legendary folk singer plays Madame Zinzanni to Yevgeniy Voronin's Maestro, celebrating their blossoming circus love with aerialists above and clowns under foot - all while you chow down on tuna tartare. 

Mission Music Collective Jazz Mafia Premiering New Piece at Stern Grove This Weekend

If a philharmonic orchestra married a big band and kept its street rap mistress in the attic, you’d have something approaching the Jazz Mafia sound. And one hell of a dysfunctional family dynamic. Playing Stern Grove this weekend, Jazz Mafia's electric blend of funk, soul, and brass will continue to defy genre with all its funky brass heart. 

Working for the Mouse at Impact Theatre

Beneath the gleeful pitter pat of tiny feet in the Magic Kingdom is less pixie dust and more debauchery and disillusionment. Award-winning local playwright Trevor Allen (The Creature and Lolita Roadtrip) first descended into the bowels of the Happiest Place on Earth for the 1996 Fringe Festival, where he scored so much popular and critical acclaim that he turned it into a full-length play.

Free This Weekend: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at Stern Grove

Sharon Jones began her music career in a choir in Augusta, Georgia. Then she stopped, after a record executive told her she’d never make it. Twenty years later, she was lifted from the back of a chorus to lead a nine-piece Motown revivalist group.

Since then, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings have lent their haunting sound to two Grammy-winning albums (Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and legendary soul singer Al Green’s Lay It Down) and soundtracks for films featuring little-known actors like Denzel Washington and George Clooney. Their fourth album, I Learned the Hard Way, landed them on NPR, BBC, and late night shows. Now they’re at Stern Grove, where you can hear them for the price of sitting in the fog. 

Kim Epifano Dance at ODC

Why focus on one theatrical discipline when you can take a needle and thread to all of them? With fifteen years' worth of multimedia dance/theatre/music hybrids on her resume, Kim Epifano has three new works going up at ODC Theater this weekend. 

Inspired by her 2009 residency in Ethiopia, Kim Epifano developed Heelomali, a mash-up of movement, song, photos and personal narrative, developed with didgeridoo expert Stephen Kent and Burmese harpist Su Wai. Under the mentorship of Epifano and Kent, teens from Burma and Nepal fuse the traditional dance and music of their homelands with hip hop, Bollywood, and breakdancing to create a unique multicultural infusion. 

Fruit: kDub Dances at Counterpulse

Emerging LA-based dance company kDub hits the Mission this weekend with Fruit. Choreographed by Kevin Williamson, this dance-theater mash-up promises intense physicality and a very Eve in the Garden of Eden vibe. (Yes, that means lots of apples.)  

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