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Andre Torrez

SF Band Chasms Emerges from a Tenderloin Practice Space

Beauty Emerges from a Tenderloin Practice Space— Chasms’ Debut EP

In the depths of the Tenderloin, unnoticeably tucked in between what Google Maps calls the San Francisco Drug User’s Union and Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, lies SF duo Chasms’ unassuming, almost abysmal practice space. It’s a part of the city most would avoid because of its seedy reputation for illicit activities and general insanity. But while some would consider this a dismal locale, others are channeling its darkness and thriving off of it.

SF's Young Prisms Talk Their New Album "In Between," and On-Tour Survival Skills

SF's Young Prisms Talk Their New Album "In Between," and On-Tour Survival Skills

By now, you’ve had a chance for Young Prisms’ new album In Between to sink in a bit. So you love the jangly, scratchy guitars. Officials call it shoegaze, but let’s just agree that this sophisticated sophomore effort is just plain pretty. Now what? Well, the city does it again, gifting us with an opportunity to see another fine local band in the flesh, currently on tour with Dum Dum Girls, Tuesday at Slim’s.  

White Fence's Tim Presley on Working with Ty Segall, Their New Album "Hair," and more

Instantly infectious is the way to describe listening to Hair for the first time. The synergy is apparent between White Fence and Ty Segall on their full-length album released on Drag City Records this week. Give it a few more spins, and much like hair, it’ll grow on you, but like a shaggy, unkempt mane. Here, LA- and San Francisco-born musical chops combine for a multi-layered, psych-soaked and even at times—crunchy sound collage.

The Return of Burger Boogaloo Kicks Off This Wednesday at Bottom of the Hill

As whiskey-soaked SXSW casualties straggle back into town, they now face the dregs of reality. But there’s good news! The second-annual Burger Boogaloo brings promise of more party when it returns to Thee Parkside this week. Total Trash Booking and Burger Records join forces for a shindig that boasts nearly 30 bands all under one roof.

SF Band Terry Malts on Killing Time, Drinking in the Excelsior, and Graffiti

Terry Malts Killing TIme Q&A

Fuzz guitar fans fear not. SF’s Terry Malts’ debut LP Killing Time is out now on Slumberland Records. With steady beats and sarcastic lyrics clocking in at record speeds, you may not know what hit you. Fortunately the trio’s bassist and singer Phil Benson was nice enough to take the time to answer some questions about the band and the new album.

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