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Jackson Scarlett

Indie Theater Picks for the Week

Turn me on, dammit

The rare coming-of-age tale to put nascent female sexuality on display without moralizing or equivocating, first time director Jannicke Jacobsen's Turn Me On, Dammit! subversively suggests that the fastest way to grow up isn't to give up, it's to masturbate wildly.

On Location: "Pacific Heights" in Potrero Hill

On Location: "Pacific Heights" in Potrero Hill

Welcome to "On Location," a micro-feature taking you to little-known cinematic locations of SF and taking a look at the films shot in the city by the bay over the years.

The Future Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission

The Future Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission

"Thanks for letting me present you the facts, instead of some of the rumors that are blogging around." Victor Marquez, legal council for the developer behind both the future space of the Alamo Draft House and the condo development next door, began yesterday at a community meeting in the New Mission space about its future occupants.

Little-Known Cinematic Locations in SF That Aren't "Dirty Harry"

Little-Known Cinematic Locations in SF That Aren't "Dirty Harry"

With speculation abounding as to where Woody Allen will be shooting his next San Francisco-centric film, what better time than now to start cataloguing the SF sites and spots you might not be as familiar with as the hill from the car chase in Dirty Harry.

Our Favorite Seven Picks from Frameline 36

Our Favorite Seven Picks from Frameline 36

The 36th edition of the Frameline Film Festival, the largest LGBT film fest in the Americas, opened yesterday with Vito, a tear-jerking doc about gay rights activist and pioneer of gay cinematic scholarship, Vito Russo. Thirty-two years after his death, the festival continues the work of his book "The Celluloid Closet" with an offering of docs, shorts and features broad enough to satisfy almost any taste, be it gay, straight, trans or yet-to-be discovered. Here are our 7 picks from the festival's two-week run, your results may vary!

Weekend Movie Picks and Stiff Drinks to Go with Them

Weekend Movie Picks and Stiff Drinks: What to Drink and See

This week's drink recommendations come from my friend Ryan Spencer at Slow's Barbeque in Detroit, where I spent last week for the Movement music festival. Although Detroit isn't a city known for its BBQ, more often than not when I asked locals for a dining recommendation, Slow's was the name on their lips. Nestled in the up-and-coming Corktown district across from a bar called O'Blivion's and next to an upmarket coffee shop where Stumptown, local roasts and, yes, Blue Bottle were on offer, it was almost like being back in San Francisco.

Choice Words with Carlen Altman, Co-writer and Star of 'The Color Wheel'

Choice Words with Carlen Altman

Shot to center stage by his film's selection as the #1 undistributed movie by the 2011 Village Voice Critics Poll and buoyed by a rare "I hated it so much I loved it" review from New York Times' chief critic A.O. Scott, director Alex Ross Perry is in the enviable position of having been interviewed about his film, The Color Wheel, almost too much.

The Color Wheel is the story of two relentlessly dislikeable siblings, Colin (director Perry) and J.R. (co-writer Altman), careening into disappointing adulthood on two separate, but equally disquieting trajectories. I sat with co-writer and star Carlen Altman for some fresh insight into the film, and (maybe) life. 

Spending Memorial Day at the Movies

Spending Memorial Day at the Movies

If you're not already on your way out of town or to the beach, let's face it: You'll probably spend this beautiful, sunny, bonus-day weekend on your couch, catching up on lapsed episodes of Game of Thrones, or, god forbid, Girls and wondering what everybody else is doing. Put down that bag of Match-Light and stop contemplating a trip to Reno for a second and consider spending your precious time in the dark enjoying some of this weekend's film picks instead:

7 Picks from Cinematheque's 2012 Crossroads Film Event

Laida Lertxundi's 'My Tears Are Dry'

Crossroads, one of longstanding film non-profit SF Cinematheque's big events, takes over the Victoria Theatre this weekend to present 52 experimental short films, including three live performance pieces, separated into eight programs. What's that? You don't like experimental film? Well sha… go ahead and skip down to the end of the article, there are other films playing in town.

Three Indie Film Picks and Their Drink Pairings

Three Indie Film Picks and Their Drink Pairings

For the drink recommendations in this week’s Picks & Drinks, I paid a visit to the lovely Harmony Fraga and her ‘Executive Assistant’ slash Party Motivator Michael Lopez at their slick Fillmore lounge The Social Study. Situated as it is, the Social Study was in a prime position for many early morning coffee runs during the two weeks of the SF International Film Fest, and I was excited to hear how their nighttime menu of unique beer- and wine-based cocktails would stack up to this week’s best indie offerings.

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