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Marcia Gagliardi

6 Ways to Get a Taste of Summer

Summer is in full swing (well, somewhere). But even though Karl the Fog is plaguing us with morning drizzle and afternoon fog, you can still find summer on your plate at these SF restaurants. Hello, peaches, and corn, and tomatoes, and figs…enjoy.

6 New Brunches Around Town

Ready to add more brunch options to your roster? Of course you are. Here are six new places serving brunch, from Friday brunch to alfresco brunch and (of course) boozy brunch.

5 New Restaurants to Check Out This Month

Looking for somewhere new to eat? We've got you covered. Here’s your monthly cheat sheet of five brand-new places that recently opened around town.

Five Special Burgers You Can Only Find on Certain Days in SF

Sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for. Other times, they’re worth hunting for. In this case, we’re talking burgers that are only available on certain days and times, making them elusive and maybe even a little more special. So go forth, burger gumshoe, and find yourself one of these (medium) rare-but-worth-it treasures.

Five New Places for Your Business Lunch

Sometimes you need to talk biz and your usual salad bar joint or sandwich shop isn’t going to cut it. Here are five downtown (or downtown-adjacent) spots where you can have a range of lunch meetings, from casual to more dialed, to a boozy lunch!

Five Places to Meet for a First Online and Blind Date

There’s nothing quite like that first awkward OKCupid meet-up. Since it’s usually for a beverage (coffee, beer, wine, or a cocktail), here are ideas for five places around town where you can meet BeerLuvrSF or Shiksappeal72, have a decent conversation, and probably score a table.

A Taste of the South in the Bay Area

What’s that twang you hear? Why, I do believe there is a little Southern charm percolating in the city. Here’s where you can find some quality Southern treats, soft drawl included.

It’s Softie Season! Where to Get Soft-Shell Crabs Around Town

Soft-shell crab season kicked in a few weeks ago, and restaurants around the Bay Area have all kinds of tasty dishes highlighting this early summertime delicacy. Have fun tracking these down.

Four New Restaurants to Check Out This Month

Looking for somewhere new to eat? Here’s your monthly cheat sheet of four brand-new places that recently opened around town. 

Get Nutty for These Non-Dairy Milks

Tired of soymilk? Wondering if there’s a better almond milk than the one you’re drinking out of a box that’s full of additives? We've got news for you: There is! Maybe you’re lactose intolerant, or vegan, or you just want a change-up from the usual milk in your cereal or coconut water in your smoothie. If you’ve looked on the shelves of your local specialty grocery store lately, you’ll find an explosion of different nut milks available — here are some of our favorite finds.

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