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Marcia Gagliardi

Five Picks for Where to Eat and Hang Out on Labor Day

The killer French toast at Slow Club

Didn't go to Burning Man or manage to get out of town for the long weekend? Don’t have a backyard, and no one invited you to a barbecue? Wah.

Five Picks for Gluten-Free Dishes in San Francisco


Whether you dine gluten-free because you suffer from celiac disease, or it’s a lifestyle (and health) choice, here are some top places and dishes in San Francisco where you can feast gluten-free (and feel good at the end of your meal).

Five New Restaurants to Check Out This Month

Boulibar at the Ferry Building Marketplace. Photo: ©

Looking for someplace new to try? Here’s your monthly reminder of five new spots that recently opened around town. Pace yourself. 

Seven Ways to Keep Warm and Well Fed at Outside Lands

It’s kind of ridiculous that we can pay as much attention to the food lineup as the music lineup at this weekend’s Outside Lands festival, but that’s how we roll here in Ess Eff. The weekend is shaping up to be a doozy of foggy, misty, and wet weather (damn you, Fogust!), so here are some tablehopper recos for keeping toasty (and maybe a little toasted, hic).

Some of the City’s Best Dining Deals

Heirloom tomato and fromage blanc tart by Spruce's pastry chef

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when crazy-delicious food is involved. Here are four killer tasting menu and prix-fixe offers available around town for lunch, dinner, and dessert—enjoy.

Five New Cafés to Check Out

You'd think San Francisco is trying to have a café on each block or something with all these new openings every month. (Not like we're complaining.) Here's your recap of five new cafés that have recently joined our local caffeine scene. 

Ten Things I Have Learned About Dining with Restaurant Industry Folks

Dining out with people in the restaurant industry can teach you a lot about how to have a better dining experience (and also how to be a good customer, which in turn will make you a very welcomed customer). Here are a few pointers on how to act like a cool and conscientious diner–basically, like you know what the hell is up.

Five New Restaurants to Try This Month

Looking for somewhere new to try? Here’s your monthly reminder of five new spots that recently opened around town. There are so many new openings this month, we could actually suggest 10 spots. Anyway, here you go. 

Five of San Francisco's Best Spots for Coffee or Lunch Meetings

Cafe du Soleil

It can be surprisingly challenging to find a good place to meet for a lunch or coffee meeting, especially if you don’t want to be mobbed by third wave coffee–drinking hipsters or downtown worker bees.

Five of San Francisco's Feistiest Culinary Characters

The Tamale Lady

One thing our city has never been short on is dyed-in-the-wool characters. This is a proud history: from Emperor Norton to the Brown Twins, we’ve been blessed with a long line of some of the biggest personalities and eccentrics around. Here are five in our local culinary scene who are keeping things colorful.

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