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Eloise Porter

What to Eat and Drink on Cinco de Mayo

Ceviche de Pescado

Cinco de Mayo is a time for eating, drinking, and celebrating (some of our favorite things here at 7x7). While we all know how to throw back a few strong margaritas (Latin American Club, anyone?), we thought we’d help you and your hangover out a little more by putting together a Cinco de Mayo menu for you.

SF's Tastiest Spring Canapes

Salmon Crudo by Yelp user Cherylynn N.

Spring has finally graced us with its presence, and for once, the weather in San Francisco actually matches its season. Now, restaurants are moving away from heavy, wintery fare towards dishes showcasing lighter, seasonal produce.

Cure Your Hangover with Menudo


We’re all about the best hangover cures here at 7x7. With all the drinking that goes on in the Bay, you have to be properly equipped to get by the next day.  Pho, Bloody Marys, ramen; you name it, we’ve covered it. Next on our list is the rich, comforting Mexican soup, Menudo.

Six Great Garlic Breath-Inducing Caesar Salads

Zuni Cafe Caesar Salad photo by Princess Kelly on Foodspotting

Simple yet elegant, the Caesar salad has remained on restaurant menus for decades. In an article for the Chronicle, Michael Bauer claims “Caesar salad is as much of a fixture on Bay Area restaurant menus as fog is in the Sunset District.” If that's not validating, we don't know what is.

A Primer on SF's Most Intriguing Digestif Cocktails

Last week, we explored the world of the pre-dinner aperitif cocktail. In the same manner, Europeans typically end their long, relaxed meals with digestifs to aid digestion. While digestifs are traditionally sipped straight, San Francisco bartenders have found new ways to mix up these bitter, aromatic liqueurs. 

Refreshingly Unhip: SF's Old School Coffee Shops

Breakfast at Lafayette Coffee Shop

With Philz, Blue Bottle, the Mill, La Boulange or Sightglass taking over the city's 'hoods, we San Franciscans have forgotten our true roots. Those old school coffee shops and diners have been around before drip coffee and hipsters. Sometimes, all you need is a quick fix of watery caffeine and some eggs, bacon, hash browns, and a place to reflect on last night–that’s exactly what these diners are for. No macchiatos, no farm-to-table poached eggs, and certainly no almond milk. Just some good, old-fashioned breakfast. 

A Primer on SF's Apéritif Cocktails

"The Dark Knight" at Two Sisters, photo by Blair Heagerty

As the Bay Area experiments the world's different culinary scenes and cultures, more and more of us are eating and drinking like Europeans.

Shorty Goldstein's: An Authentic New Jewish Deli in FiDi

Shorty Goldstein's

Passover began this past Monday evening, and it got me thinking about the dearth of truly authentic Jewish delicatessens.

Brussels Sprouts Dishes to Try Before the Season Ends

Yelp user Annie N.

For the past three years, Brussels sprouts have been trending on menus across the Bay. 

How to Picnic in SF's Parks like a Pro

Dolores Park

Brunch always sounds like a good idea: Sleeping in, meeting up with friends, good food, and drinking before 2 pm.

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