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Nicki Richesin

Nicki Bluhm of the Gramblers Talks Road Trips, Music, and Her Favorite SF Spots

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers are on the road again this spring and summer with new tour dates. Over-night sensations, they became famous after their “van sessions” went viral. Who could ever forget their cover of Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That”? Nicki shared her favorite Bay Area spots for inspiration, unwinding, and taking in a show, plus her tips for the best road trip ever. Buckle up.

A Day at Marin Country Mart

Marin Country Mart

Take a detour to this suburban oasis of style.

Smells of the City: A Scented Tour of San Francisco

Mandy Aftel’s perfume organ

To celebrate her book tour stop in San Francisco this week, Alyssa Harad, author of the riveting memoir Coming to My Senses, takes 7x7 on a perfumed tour by the Bay.

City Arts & Lectures Has a New Home in San Francisco

Nourse Auditorium

You’ve gotta love this familiar, whiskey-hued voice as it greets KQED listeners on lazy Sunday afternoons with, “Welcome to City Arts and Lectures, a season of talks and on-stage conversations recorded before a live theater audience in San Francisco. I'm Linda Hunt.”

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