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Nena Farrell

Foodie Agenda: Ice Cream, Juice Cleanses and More

Pressed Juicery

Thursday, July 11

After all those delicious, heavy foods from the 4th of July, Pressed Juicery is giving everyone a great chance to reset their systems with an all-store cleanse deal! Through Sunday, you can head into the San Francisco Pressed Juicery Store and pick up a day’s worth of cleanses for just $39, nearly ten bucks cheaper than their usual fare. Cleansers will enjoy eight 16 oz bottles with a variety of their cleanses to set you up for a 3-5 day cleanse. Grab the deal @ 3901 24th Street.

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

While most Fourth of July celebrations ended on Thursday, here are some ideas to keep the fireworks going (literally!) all weekend long. 

Scenes from 2013's Pride Celebrations

With so much to celebrate, you hopefully had the chance to head up to Market Street to walk the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade with every type of person from around the Bay.

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

If you are looking to get out of the city and explore somewhere new, look no further than these North Bay to-dos.

Foodie Agenda: Huichica Music Festival, The Cheese School, and More

Take our advice and check out one of these mouthwatering events, your taste buds can thank us later. 

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