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Allison McCarthy

Old MUNI Buses Converted Into Showers For Homeless

When was your most recent shower? It sounds like a silly question, but this basic human function is a luxury for San Francisco’s 6,000-plus homeless people, who count only 16 public shower stalls among them—that is, until Lava Mae rolls into town in March 2014.

"Made in the Bay" Pops Up at the SFMOMA Museum Store for Holiday Shopping

Black Friday shoppers have one more store to add to their lists with the opening of the SFMOMA Museum Store's "Made in the Bay" pop-up shop, open now through Dec. 31.

This Week's Hottest Events: Anjelica Huston, Book of Mormon, and Cat Power

Anjelica Huston
If, like me, you grew up in the '80s and '90s, you might best remember Anjelica Huston as the terrifying grand high witch in The Witches. But the Oscar-winning actress and director has enjoyed a long, successful career both before and after this silly movie, including life as a model in the '60s and '70s.

Modernist Shapes Designed for the Urban Tabletop

Looks can be deceiving. If you were to glance at a photograph of Corey Best’s geometric metal sculptures, you would think that they were mammoth objects suitable for the courtyard of a museum or the lawn of a private mansion. 

CounterPULSE Gets a New Home

Next December, CounterPULSE's lease at 1310 Mission Street will expire, leaving the 22-year-old experimental performing arts venue without a home. The worst case, and most likely scenario, subjects them to eviction or a dramatic (and unaffordable) rent increase—CP is located around the corner from the new Twitterplex, so one can only imagine how landlords would jack the cost.

Go Off the Grid in Hana, Maui

Any trip to Maui should be about unplugging, but nowhere more so than Hana.

Two Art Exhibits Worth the Drive

Power: Those who wield it and those who don’t are the subjects of African-American artist Kara Walker, whose controversial works mine the contentious intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and identity.

Kernal of Truth Portrays Corn as Art

Yvonne Escalante

Yvonne Escalante has spent a lot of time with corn.

A Visual Nod to the Late Ruth Asawa

This past August, San Francisco lost a priceless treasure. Artist Ruth Asawa—best known for her intricate wire sculptures, bronzes, and public works—passed away, leaving an indelible mark on the art world and local history.

Ouroboros: November's Must-See Exhibit

Check out our image gallery of work by all artists participating in this group show. Exhibit details below.

Rebirth, self-discovery, life out of death, the eternal—all represent the various meanings the ancient symbol of Ouroboros has referenced in history. The snake that eats its own tail appears in numerous religions, Jungian philosophy, alchemy, and modern science. This group exhibition of 10-plus artists' work examines the history of the Ouroboros and our understanding of it today.
When: Wed. 11/6 - Sat. 11/23; opening reception 7 - 10 p.m., Sat. 11/9
Where: Root Division, 3175 17th St.

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