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Maggie Winterfeldt

We Wanna Be Friends With High Fashion Makeup Artist Victor Cembellin

The fashion industry’s best makeup artist isn’t in LA or NY. He’s right here in San Francisco. Victor Cembellin is an internationally renowned M∙A∙C Cosmetics Senior Artist—and a devoted Bay Area resident. 

Where to Surf in San Francisco Without Getting Wet

San Francisco Surfset Sweat Republic

Bay Area residents need not jump into the glacial waters of the Pacific to get the experience (and fitness benefits) of surfing, thanks to SurfSET. As seen on countless TV shows this year, SurfSET is a group fitness class that simulates the physical challenges of riding waves without the ocean, so you can enjoy a lean surfer-babe physique—toned upper body, rippling abs, and strong legs—without ever having to slip on a wetsuit.

Nontraditional Wedding Rings for Bay Area Couples

Wedding season is in full swing and, as we do with most things, we San Franciscans have put our own twist on that token of everlasting commitment: the ring. Forget conventional diamond solitaires and basic gold bands; a slew of local jewelers are creating rings as distinctive as Bay Area couples. 

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