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Evelyn Wang

Weekend Guide: Drake vs. Lil Wayne, Wanda Sykes, & More

The 7 things you should be doing this weekend. 

Property Porn: A High-Tech South Beach Condo for $1.75M

If you've ever wanted to start a tech co-op but couldn't find the space, then you're in luck. For $1.75M, you can own a South Beach penthouse perfect for dreaming up the next big thing. 

Property Porn: Danielle Steel's Beach House for $9M

Best known for her giant bush on Washington St., celebrity romance novelist Danielle Steel is selling her less-famous Seadrift beach house on Stinson Beach. 

Property Porn: A Double-Decker Yerba Buena Loft for $1.3M

You better hurry--according to RedFin, there's an 80% chance this rare two-floor Yerba Buena loft  will be snatched up in just over a week. 

Property Porn: A Zen House With a Rooftop Golf Course

Paging all aspiring Tiger Woodses! We've got the house for you. 

Property Porn: A Tiny House With Big Style

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to this baby mansion in Eureka Valley. 

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