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Kelly Mendez

Mountain Winery's Summer Lineup: Jeff Bridges, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson and More

It’s a rare thing for a single show to draw music lovers both young and old, but it’s the Mountain Winery’s ability to do so that makes its summer concert season a must. With a dynamic roster of performers (more than just musical acts) set against a backdrop of grapevines and rolling hills, the trip south to Saratoga is well worth the trek. On Aug. 26, Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges performs songs from the acclaimed film Crazy Heart and will likely play tracks from his debut solo album Be Here Soon. Then on July 16, spitfire comedienne Kathy Griffin brings her unfiltered tongue to the stage.

Sandra Bernhard on What Sets SF Pride Apart

Hot on the heels of a new album and tour, comedienne and social provocateur Sandra Bernhard returns to San Francisco for a performance at this year’s PG&E-sponsored VIP Pride Party at the Bentley Reserve on June 23rd. Here, a quick Q&A:

7x7: What’s your best memory of past Pride celebrations?

SB: I’d have to say that it’s a collective memory really, of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.

The Bard Reborn: The African-American Shakespeare Company's Jazz Revival of 'Twelfth Night'

Forget that college lit classes made you avoid Shakespeare like the plague. This month, the African-American Shakespeare Company draws the curtain on their 16th season with a soulful jazz revival of Twelfth Night. Boasting an original score by local jazz maestro Marcus Shelby, the oft-adapted Elizabethan comedy has gotten a modern makeover. The noir production travels back to San Francisco in the 1940s to recall tales of young love, loss, and mistaken identity, all to the sound of brass and big band. It’s the human condition wrapped up in one very sultry package.

Hot 20 2010: Camelia Aveloaei Skikos, Fashion Designer and Illustrator

Camelia Aveloaei Skikos, 35
Fashion designer and illustrator

For Camelia Aveloaei Skikos, teenage rebellion came in the form of altered hemlines and multicolored leggings. “For this, I was sent home from school for a few days,” she says of growing up in communist Romania. “But it only gave me more time to sketch ideas for dresses.”

Part of her country’s first wave of fashion school graduates, Skikos relocated to SF in 2003 and became head designer of Levi’s customization department. Not bad for a girl who barely even had jeans growing up. “They were almost impossible to find, and if someone did, we thought it was the most amazing thing,” she says. 

Gourmet Camping: Everything a Food Lover Needs

Roughing it? That doesn't need to apply to the food. Indulge in these foodie camping goodies.

Yoga, Facials, Spas: Our Top Picks for Pampering

From manicures and waxing to Spa Week facials and yoga, our top picks for pampering.

Pinkie's Manicures
All hail the chipless manicure. We’re rejoicing in the overdue genius of this new shellac-based, high-shine formula from CND that stays put for a minimum of 14 days with nary a chip, crack or smudge. $37; 1447 20th St., 415-401-6264,

Beauty Company Waxing Vault
Head to the back of this salon-shop, and find a bank-vault-turned-waxing-nook that does brows, Brazilians and everything in between. $25 for brows, $50 for Brazilians; 2325 Polk St., 415-567-8740,

The Bon Vivant: Charleston Pierce, fashion show producer and modeling coach

Charleston Pierce has kept his finger on the city’s fashion pulse for more than 20 years. He’s pulled together a runway show in 48 hours, and he’s even worked the catwalk with Tyra Banks. Most importantly, the Bayview native has given local models a platform on which to strut their stuff with his production company, Charleston Pierce Presents. Over the years, Pierce has learned three critical things: Always be show-ready, connect with the audience and do whatever it takes to sell the clothes. Now in his 21st season with Macy’s Passport, he’s more ready than ever to use his skill and passion to encourage budding fashionistas to practice model confidence.

What’s your best style advice that works on and off the runway?

Beauty and the Beach: Our Boot Camp for Shoring Up

So...we published this post back in April. But then fog-ocaplyse hit and SF beaches were the farthest things from our minds. So, in honor of the fact that it's 85 degrees right now (!), we're reposting this baby. Get beach ready!

Golden Gate Park: A Map of Park Activities

From baseball to boating, dancing to disc golf. GG Park is a players paradise. Click around the map below to find out where to play tennis, roller skate, lawn bowl, boat, swing dance, golf and play baseball.

Fully Caffeinated: A Citywide Map of Third Wave Coffee

Whether your loyalty lies with Blue Bottle or you're more of a Four Barrel fanatic, more than 40 cafes in town now provide a Third Wave fix (post-WWII rise of instant coffee=first wave, Starbucks and Peet’s=second wave, obsessive, bean-sourcing micro-roasters like Blue Bottle and Four Barrel=third wave). Here's where to find the Third Wave variety across the city.


Third Wave Coffee Spot Map

(green=Barefood, blue=Blue Bottle, orange=De La Paz, purple=Ecco, pink=Four Barrel, red=Ritual, navy blue=Verve)


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