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Mary Jo Bowling

Opposites Attract and Marry in a Sentimental North Country Wedding

She laughs a lot, he smiles occasionally; she is a fun-loving social butterfly, he’s a homebody; she sips wine, he drinks beer; but, despite their differences, they came together down the aisle last weekend. She (Jennifer Patterson) married him (David Duffield) overlooking the stunning Placerville landscape at the Lava Cap Winery.

Ocean Views, Clint Eastwood, and A Cockroach: A Dream Wedding in Hawaii

If it weren't for his TiVo and persistence, Ali Grosslight (our associate publisher) might not have married Adam Chetkowski. Ali met Adam eight years ago at a party. In truth, she noticed someone else first, but it was Adam who called her the next day. She didn’t bother to call him back. He called again and asked her to dinner, first letting her know he wasn’t the kind of guy to dial twice. She said she was busy. When he pressed the issue, she admitted she didn’t want to miss the series finale of Sex & The City. “That’s OK,” he said. “I have TiVo!”

A Wine Country Wedding at the Kenwood Inn and Spa in Sonoma

Brian Marcinek was attending a charity event in Seattle for disadvantaged children around the globe, but he was thinking locally. Specifically, his mind was on the woman across the room wearing a form-fitting pair of Alice + Olivia black pants. The wearer of the pants, Malissa Rackley, was a stranger to him then, but she would soon be his fiancée.

His opening line was: “Where have you been hiding?” Her initial comments were not as suggestive. “We were talking in a group and somehow the conversation turned to his hair,” she says. “He said he was wearing it combed over so he would look older, and I said ‘the operative word there is old.’”

Pop-Up Antique and Vintage Shop ReHealdsburg Opens

Healdsburg—the small Sonoma County town that lies at the intersection of Dry Creek, Russian River Valley and Alexander Valley AVAs—is known for its wine. But the area has also earned its chops as an antique and vintage shopping destination. Today, a new store joins the list of fun treasure hunts. It's called ReHealdsburg, and it promises to offer items not commonly found on Healdsburg shelves.

A Small, Elegant, Unfussy Wedding: Mission Impossible?

The beautifully designed building at 355 11th St. has more than its share of design know-how. It is home to architects as well the construction firm Matarozzi Pelsinger (where Bob Carroll is the general manager) and Northbrook Design (Katherine North’s interior design firm). The building was undergoing a Matarozzi Pelsinger-engineered remodel when Bob noticed Katherine. His offer to help her move office furniture led to an invitation to a Robert Plant and Alison Krauss concert and then, last year, to a marriage proposal.

At first, the couple planned to marry under the big top of a circus tent (Katherine’s middle name is Ringling, and yes, we mean THOSE Ringlings), but that would entail inviting an entire circus troupe, and the couple wanted a small, intimate (not to mention budget-friendly) wedding.

10 Tips for Perfect Engagement Photos

When it comes to wedding photography, Vivian Sachs likes to get in on the ground floor, as in the engagement photo session. But these days, engagement photos—the pictures couples commission to announce the big event—have the rep for being outdated and somewhat tacky. Sachs, who specializes in pre-wedding photography that’s more sweet than saccharine, believes it’s time to take a new look at the old tradition.

Woodworking Magic: A Look Inside the Studio of Anzfer Farms

Joe Ferriso and Jon Anzalone had similar career paths: Both studied painting and took woodworking jobs to make money. Before making woodworking their vocation, Anzalone apprenticed with woodworker Peter Murkett and Ferriso worked in a frame shop (where he built boxes to display Martin Scorsese’s awards). After moving to San Francisco, they made it their day job and opened their studio. 

Vintage Chic Wedding in Napa Valley

It took two chance encounters to ignite the relationship between Dr. Cherilin Johnson and Ian Kirby. They first noticed each other at a mutual friend’s party, but nothing came of it. But two months later, when Ian visited the office Cherilin shared with another doctor, they spotted each other again, and this time they both acted on it. After the appointment, Ian dropped by their friend-in-common’s office to ask about Cherilin. At the same moment, Cherilin was texting their friend inquiring about Ian. “She held up her phone and said, ‘You mean this girl?’” says Cherilin. “The rest is history.”

American Gothic: A Modern-Day Farmers' Wedding

When Lynda Browning of suburban San Diego headed off to Stanford University, the last thing she expected to do was fall in love with a farmer and end up raising goats, chickens, and bushels of vegetables in Sonoma County. After all, she didn’t even like eating veggies that much. But that’s what happened.

To be honest, she probably didn’t realize Emmett Hopkins was a farmer when they met through friends, because at the time, he didn’t know it either. Like Lynda, Emmett was an Environmental Studies student at Stanford, and although he grew radishes in a window box outside his dorm room, he was planning to work for a nonprofit, as a consultant, or in a government agency, places where most of their classmates ended up.

Estate Sale: An Elegant Existence in West Clay Park

There's a certain kind of estate sale that gets to me: The ones where you feel as if you are walking through rooms the dearly departed have only recently vacated. You can get a sense of how the owners lived, what they loved and the type of people they were by looking at their possessions. This week's sale at 140 24th Ave. is such an event and it's filled with interesting finds. It opens this morning at 10 a.m., and it's a can't-miss for treasure hunters.

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