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Two Sense

Two Sense: Am I the Only Bisexual Guy in SF?

I'm a bisexual dude who loves sex and has no trouble finding partners. But here's my “only in SF” problem. I love three-ways with another guy and a girl. To me, it’s the hottest combination possible. The challenge is that it's very hard to find a straight guy who can deal with me as bisexual.

Two Sense: Do I Tell My Bestie About Her Husband's Text?

Photo credit: Benoit Daoust

At a bar last weekend, I ran into my best friend's husband, who was out with his buddies. We chatted a bit and, since the bar was small, ended up in proximity to one another for several hours. I couldn't help noticing he was texting constantly, barely even talking to his friends. Once, as I was ordering a drink next to him, I saw the name of the person he was texting—"Kelly," which is his ex-girlfriend's name.

Two Sense: My Boyfriend Keeps Too Many Reminders

 Illustration credit: leok

My boyfriend is great in almost every respect and I couldn't be happier with him, except for one thing. He's got mementos lying around from several ex-girlfriends, ranging from a hand-blown vase to a wooden keepsake box made in Mexico to a framed poster of a Fillmore concert. These are more than mere gifts; each represents an experience or vacation he shared with these women. He also has, among his digital and printed photos, several very romantic ones with two or three of his exes, including a few bordering on X-rated.

Two Sense: How Do I Convince My Friends I’m Happy Single?

I'm a 50-year-old straight guy in great shape who enjoys a vibrant sex life with multiple partners. Except for one two-year relationship, I've been single my entire adult life. The fact is I enjoy it immensely. I have lots of passions, alone time, a great social life including male and female friends (gay and straight), and I also have the time to dote on my parents. That, in turn, brings a lot of love back.

Two Sense: Why Am I Giving All the Oral Sex?

Please explain me to why, as a good-looking single woman, I tend to go down on almost every guy I date or hook up with as soon as we sleep together, but they do not feel compelled to return the favor until the third or fourth encounter.

Two Sense: Enough With the Dirty Talk

My boyfriend and I have been talking dirty in bed for two years now. I've never had a problem with it, but lately I'm finding that I don't enjoy it as much, and sometimes I even want to tell him to stop and just have sex without the verbal part. I haven't said anything to him because I don't understand my feelings myself. I'm not sure if my sexual needs are just changing or if I want to decrease the dirty talk because we are getting more serious and I want to feel respected, the way a husband would respect a wife, as opposed to "dirty," the way one casual lover might see another. I know I must have some hang-up going on but I can't put my finger on it and I don't know what to say to my boyfriend.

Two Sense: I Want to Date My Hook-up

Two Men date

I’m a 32-year-old gay guy who’s been seeing a very sexy “f-buddy” once a week for about two months. Even though it’s just sex, we often spend the night together and our encounters feel very intimate. He talks a lot about spending more time together, traveling, going to concerts, etc. He stayed over last Friday, and on Sunday morning, I texted him to suggest we have brunch and got no response. Yet I know he'll get in touch the next time he wants sex. I'm finding myself thinking about him all the time.

Two Sense: Can I Marry a Wheat-Free Vegan?

When I met my girlfriend six months ago, I knew we had different eating habits. She's a vegan and also wheat-free, while I basically eat anything I want. At first, it didn't seem like a problem: we're usually able to find something that works for her on regular menus, I like vegetarian restaurants, and when we cook together it works if she just skips the meat course I'm having. But as we inch closer to moving in together, with an eye toward marriage, I'm having doubts.

Two Sense: Is My Low Libido Sexual Dysfunction?

Illustration credit: Spectral-Design

I just read in the New York Times about women who are signing up for trials of a new drug that will boost their libidos. It's not that they don't enjoy sex once it's started or don't have orgasms, it's just that they complain of never wanting it up front, like they can take it or leave it. This story freaked me out because I feel similarly; I don't often think of sex and I don't often pine for it because ... well because I know my husband will initiate it once a week.

Two Sense: How Long Do I Wait for a Proposal?

illustration credit: Stefa

My question is simple: How long should I give my live-in boyfriend of two years to propose before I kick his ass to the curb?

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