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Two Sense

Two Sense: I’m Okay With My Wife’s Affair

I think my wife of five years is seeing someone else. All the signs are there—late work hours, new lingerie, more time at the gym, lots of texting. The thing is, I'm not sure I care enough to upset our marriage by confronting her.

Two Sense: Should I Sow My Oats or Let It Lie?

I’m single in my early 30s and overall pretty happy. I’ve had two serious boyfriends with whom I had amicable breakups and I’ve dated in between, but in talking with my friends, I realize I’ve had a lackluster sexual history compared to them.

Two Sense: My Dad’s Facebook Is Freaking Me Out

Two Sense Photo credit: Ysbrand Cosijn

Before my mom passed away last year, she maintained an active Facebook account. My father did not. Recently, my 72-year-old father started using my deceased mom's account to post photos with and comment on status updates of two 20-something women that he is now dating.

Two Sense: Is My Fiancé Lying?

Two Sense

I'm planning to marry my boyfriend of two years in the fall. Recently, he texted a mutual friend a greeting. Since my friend didn’t recognize the number, he Googled it. Google took him to one of those venting web sites for women, and lo and behold, an escort posted to the site complaining that my boyfriend allegedly reneged on a $1,000 handshake agreement for sex!

Two Sense: Should I Hire a Prostitute?

I'm a 40-year-old dude living in SF. I’ve been single for the past year and taking a break from serious dating to just enjoy myself and let some time pass after the breakup of my 10-year relationship. I’m heading to Vegas soon with some buddies and am seriously considering going pro (hiring a prostitute) for the first time.

Two Sense: My Boyfriend is “Married” to His Twin

Photo credit: prinpattawaro

After a year with my boyfriend, I am realizing that his relationship with his twin brother is not at all the typical sibling relationship.

Two Sense: Should I Sleep with My Boss?

Illustration by Adrian Niederhaeuser

I work at a small startup here in the city, just five of us slaving away to build a site and eventually make some money.

Two Sense: The Supreme Court’s About to Ruin My Relationship!

Everyone I know will celebrate if the Supreme Court overturns Prop. 8, but I am filled with dread.

Two Sense: How Do I Get to the Third Date?

How Do I Get to the Third Date?

I'm a 35-year-old woman trying to compete in the brutal SF dating scene.

Two Sense: Why Do The Guys in Porn Sound Like Girls?


I’m a gay man who loves porn of all kinds. I even watch straight porn, mostly because of the guys, but I also think that women can be pretty hot. So here's my question. I don’t mind all the sounds women make in straight porn, but when I’m watching gay porn, it bugs me that the bottoms sound exactly the same. Basically, they squeal like girls. Why does this turn me off so much? Am I internalizing my homophobia or something? I’ve looked high and low for gay porn where the bottom actually sounds like a man, without much success.

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