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Joseph Schell

Photos: Warren Hellman Memorial Concert

This past weekend, thousands gathered along the Great Highway to thank the late Warren Hellman, who funded the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, one of the city's most beloved treasures.

In Photos: Chinese New Year Parade

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Scenes of the City: Ed Lee's Mayoral Inauguration

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In Photos: Seven Days in San Francisco

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Scenes of the City: The Holidays Around Union Square

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No where else in San Francisco does it feel more holiday than in Union Square. Tourists gawk at the massive Christmas tree, skaters twirl around the ice rink, holiday music jingles from store fronts, everyone ooohs and aaahs at the puppies and kittens in's a batch of photos capturing the yuletide spirit in the heart of the city.

Scenes of the City: Skating around San Francisco

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You've seen them - the skaters blazing down the steepest of San Francisco streets - and wondered, how the hell do they do that? We caught up with some local skateboarders in this week's Scenes of the City.

Scenes of the City: The Cathedral in the Dogpatch

"The Cathedral" as it's known to some for its dramatic light quality (and perhaps for the presence of several pianos) or Building 6 as it's known by the City of SF sits on the shore of San Francisco Bay at the end of Pier 70 in the Dogpatch.

So You Think You Can Paint?!

Who doesn’t want to paint all over a big blank canvas?

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